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Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
i see the neutral colors,
they sing not of glory,
they brag not over history.

there is no mischief in their eyes;
nor any hostility for what they are not,
but they do speak,
through various petals of flowers
and many shapes of dream-making,
through my walls and bricks
of heart or cement.

on how many days, here,
did i bring thee the joy,
where upon i shall rest
in peace and auburn sunshine?

help me with no more promises,
but, bring me a man of truth.
i see not any relief
for my shattered self-belief.
i kiss my destiny and attempt
to move on a path underlined.
Aditya Bhaskara Oct 2012
deal it is, this life
some part here, some part there
thus we part our strife
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
Even though you were gone,
I put back your words,
Derived the worth,
Fought the sump,
And justified your wrath.
Strong I am.
If not for me,
For your words' sake.
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
Drips from my face, molten soul
About to die and fall, on the altar.
Is this the life you said'd be noble?
So painful, and just too much pain?

No body to heal, no body to feel,
The torment, the ache, the anguish.
Ah, its hurts like a snake too gruesome,
Ripped apart I am in eternal sorrow.
Aditya Bhaskara Oct 2012
O collector,
what adorns you
as jewels garnered
upon tender pickings
of beaded words
and knitted faith,

was once the pulse of my heart!
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
I see words and words all around,
they swarm, change forms,
they twinkle like your eyes,
smear me like your smile does.

Here I am,
Between the silence and sound,
They both exist right here,
One step, one pause. Pause. Step. Pause. Goes on.

Rest for whom,
Restlessness for what,
My destiny starts and stops here,
My life begins and ends here.

I find no yesterday,
nor any tomorrow,
I bring myself to just one moment,

Life and Love merge.
Unfolds nothingness.
I am enlightened by truth
Of being nothing and all.
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
ONE day,

a log
said to the bog,

"you're all mud
and you ever survive,
i am all wood
but i always die."

the bog spoke,
after a long sigh,
"it is transformation,
which you deny.

I turn into nothing but soil,
when it is too hard to toil.
the sun smokes up all water,
i become a happy crater.

then comes by, the rain,
fills my bowl once again.
i see wild weeds,
some dormant seeds.
water lilies, papyrus, mangroves,
are all that come to me and grow.
i laugh with them, they sing with me,
castaway afar, but glad are we.
together we live and fear not fate,
that is how i live ahead!"
Aditya Bhaskara Oct 2012
Aditya Bhaskara Oct 2012
C**ome to my terrace
i’d make coffee
and listen to you
While you pour
your emotions
into my heart’s cup
i’d keep it a secret;
all your pains
i’d wonder over your smiles
and look after the tears
i’d talk too
although little and slow
i’d tell you stories
that the sky conceals
i’d speak about
things i feel
we both know
life is hard
but i have heard
life cannot sustain
too much hardships either
so we two
deep in hurt
would laugh away sorrows
like two brave hearts
you can sing your song
i’d scribble my words
and years later
we’d smile on those
few moments such
we’d treasure in us
whenever on my terrace
the winter would come
i’d remember your face
in the warm sun
and the smell of coffee
would be high on my nerves.
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
how swiftly do they move
our differences, our moods
swinging apart our worlds
from where they originally stood

makes me rethink and re-know
how much do i really know
i feel shaken in my faith
there's nothing much to show

another day, another time
another speck of beleaguered mime
the swinging of our fates
from where we once stood.
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
reasons, i find them faltering
with their own ego,
some self destructive arguments
and many left aside repercussions

how would we survive,
their trifling stages and colluding rage?
and would the Content be able to contain
them under the shaky sky of our dispositions

how would things resolve themselves
how would everything that's out of order
restore itself precisely to where it belongs
for the typhoon knows only the change

for all the things that matter,
would prayers, good wishes, and our will
anymore matter to the effect of anything?
they too stagger sideways, here come reasons.
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
belongings never go away
staying is in their nature
sometimes though they change form
for they must, for their survival
distance would not matter
as long as you dwell in my sight
one journey would bring me back
from where i depart tonight
the ruckus would rise high
to echo through coming years
in memories hence retained
of childhood -- yours and mine
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
Their reasons were never enough,
Songs never that playful,
Tastes never made harmony.
Despite all this, they kept up.

One day was fury,
Other was romance.
Sometimes they fought.
Sometimes they danced.

Minutes of hatred,
Minutes of love,
They loved to reason,
They reasoned to love.

Do all stories
Move like this?
Under darks of night,
Under day’s bliss?

What goes right,
What goes wrong?
What cuts it short,
What takes so long?

If path is true,
Ends never matter.
With each passing second,
It just gets better.
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
a painter took his brush
but the canvas was too huge
and so was the task to portray

his hands trembled and he dropped
few drops of hues hither and thither
like stain and blemish they hung up

his heart saw the artist abashed
and beat harder and harder
more sad than dutiful

a question slid into the veins
tough task, dear ye?
not all can hold the brush

not all can paint the sun
not all have the eyes
that sees through the burns

dismayed at what he held in his hands
the ability to bring sunshine
on the blank face of canvas

the painter painted a world
a lovelier, better world,
for generations to inspire

although, the stain still hangs there
but it only reminds the onlookers
of what great hands held that brush
Aditya Bhaskara Oct 2012
Until there is an otherwise
I'd always strive to be the better me
Sometimes for your smiles
Sometimes for your sorrow
Aditya Bhaskara Oct 2012
My heart is a frog
The moment clouds arrive
It just leaps out
Aditya Bhaskara Oct 2012
one song
one dance
one story
one chance

i sing in equal joy
i laugh in equal fun
each time in equal bliss
i wonder in equal pun

here is
the day borne
on sleeves
of my heart!
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
No denials of any joy
Where thoughts cannot come,
She stands calm and ocean blue
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
'there's an extra beat'
shuffling lungs complained,
but heart felt obliged
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
every season a painter
wind,river, rain, tree
ever on poetic spree!
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
molten mass sears inside
bursts off existence's crater
oh, life springs upon even mount of wrath!
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
good to be born
strangers in times of prejudices,
we can draw distances
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
their own music
when everybody had
nature fell silent
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
clouds dropped hello
left it on tree leaves
drops waiting
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
different forms
transitioning human life
being overlaps
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
eyes closed
dark fills up universe
sun melts in gut
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
pismires survive
strides of giants and humans
by sheer ignorance
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
drunk on fire
a firefly ignites black sheet
mystery unwraps
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
ways to speak
one echo over other
truth unfolds.
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
Eavesdropping wet winds
While you sweep under,
Chortling I bloom into wonder
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
no dream came
until breeze came by,
mind game
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
one drop more
makes me able one drop
less makes me prone
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
breathe sunshine
blame the sun for fire
breeze chuckles
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
what floats sinks
i am a witness
like water
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
rock-top greens
spilled is sunbeam around
gems abound
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
tipple blood
our ever-thirsty hearts
a fuel-fount
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
fire hides itself
in the underbellies of all,
nature's no exception
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
last was the mourning stem,
for whom nobody awaited,
it's all fated.
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
i promise no rose
i have forgotten the thorns
i offer freedom
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
i took the fall
from the high ground of love,
into ocean of mirth
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
One flower born in mist
Another in smog
Turn of fate upon pretty faces
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
struggle is a way
hung up in fluid, hues trudge
long night
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
In my eye
stays a black well of existence,
whence all colors emerge
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
i was blind in the reality,
and now a dream
opens my eyes
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
wind's invisible hands,
carved a moon in the somber sky
did someone see
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
so engrossed in sound
never knew I
what woods whisper
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
a morning
free of our demands
is all it wants
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
playful silence
dance of the dark night
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
blank world mine
many colors of the many skies
what a world!
Aditya Bhaskara Sep 2012
the helpless, the poor
i often walk my dream lane
to make a world for
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