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Adan Taylor Jun 2015
Lifework is all we need. Let all the words fly away. Likewise we are all alike. Halos and horns we all have. We live to be us. Some live to be what others see us as.
Adan Taylor Jun 2015
Suffering and not being able to fight for what is real.
Trapped in a small hole.
The depression starts to pour in.
Not looking we might die.
Gripping the peddles of fate.
Death said he's coming to get me, but that's  when the artillery started up.
Fear hits in. 1 bomb 2 bomb.
Are we all going to die.
no he want's me.
So when I run and hide he will find me and I will scream, but no one can hear  me.
What do I do?
I don't know.
Adan Taylor Jun 2015
I Can't Decide!

I can't decide if I want.
I can't decide if you are right for me.
I can't decide if I want to save you.
I can't decide if I should run or hide.
I can't decide if we are one.
I can't decide.
I can't decide if I don't want to ****.
I can't decide if I will fight.
I can't decide if I have started.
I can't decide if it isn't good for me.
I can't decide if I am cold.
I can't decide on who I am.
I can't decide if I should tell them lies.
I can't decide if I am human.
I can't decide if you are real.
I can't decide if we live a day without fear.
I can't decide if I should dedicate my time to are love.
I can't decide if you are a monster in my closet or under my bed.
I can't decide if my life is in your hands.
I can't decide if I am safe.
I can't decide if I am in heaven or hell.
I can't decide how we live in the world together.
I can't decide.
I can't.
I can't decide, or Can I?
Can we truly decide?
Adan Taylor Jun 2015
When the world crumbles to the red fire.
Get to the top and pray that you stay alive another day.
In the depth of are death.
Dark nights.
I really ain't psychotic, I'm just crazy.
Tell them I am coming back.
I'll destroy the day you became my love.
My dedication to you destroyed my life.
Am I psychotic for loving you.
If I go to hell heaven will be the excuse that I will use.
Likewise we rot.
Payback is coming, watch out.
Don't pray to god when you **** everything.
Don't act like you don't know.
I came for my payback.
I am in my illusions.
Lost in wonderland.
It's not a game we play.
I killed the king.
Violence is psychotic.
When we run we die.
I can't decide if we are likewise.
We live in pain, but it is better to live in a life with pain then a life without pain.
Feelings interrupt the mind.
Breathing stops when your dead.
Game changes are only for sports, not life.
Dazed and confused all of the drama must pass soon or well be all buddy buddy.
  They don't know what I've been through.
Adan Taylor Jun 2015
We all have are pros and cons running around in circles not knowing what to do.
Take a breathe.
Relax I will be there to help you through.
Being Fragile and trying not to shiver so you won't brake, but it is so hard when there are so many cold hearted people out there in the world.
I will be there to comfort you to keep you warm.
We will survive the night from fright.
My pro's and con's was to keep a promise and I am sorry.
Adan Taylor Jun 2015
Do we get better in time or do we just think that we do?

Are dreams something that can effect reality?

Getting stuck in a sticky situation hurt's everyone, or does it?

Do people think things that aren't true?

Do we just live one day just to die another?
Adan Taylor Jun 2015
The longer that you are with someone the more memories you collect.
Blowing the mind kills the membrane by making them explode.
Bursting through the wall making my memories.
I have been running all over.
Just bounce.
Time is running out I am about to explode.
Dumbstruck walking through the door making our memories.
Restrictions will be by passed.
Your door to your heart will be broken and blown away.
All I can do is get ready to explode.
All my memories will be gone, but tell me you won't forget me in your memories.
Old friends became my new friends.
Busting through the door trying to run around in circles.
I always thought I was to bold to save you.
All I want to do is chill out, but the flames to hell are burning me.
I want a ride to civilization, but the only ride I get is a ride to  death.
I try and catch myself, but it is always too late.
My memories will be gone and so will you.
My memories our memories.
A pool of blood will separate us.
I don't want to be left alone in the dark.
I won't back down from my memories.
I'll be confessing on the sins of my life when you leave me.
I am the background when you have no one.
I won't get in the way.
I won't surrender until you leave me.  
I will never leave my memories until I am dead.
When I need to know my fears I look in the mirror.
The qualifications you gave to me to keep you I will keep until I die I said, but you left me dead.
Nothing exist without the power of love and hatred.
I put all my growing pains aside to see my memories again.
My strange growing pains have killed the people I loved and the things I loved.
We all have the growing pains but God brings growth through are pain.
Revenge I heard of you.
I used to hold a grudge against you.
I use to trip over it.
I used to be young asking all them questions.
I am sorry for putting the blame on you.
It was my fault.
Trying to find myself it was so hard.
I can’t explain the pain that I felt, and I can't imagine what kind of fear and pain all this stuff put you through I am sorry.
The new man is supported by the memories of you being there for me.
The memories I hold are mine and your forever.
You are looking at someone who just died and came back to life.
If it wasn't for you I would be dead still.
All my mercy forgive me.
For if you still leave me I will be here confessing on the sins of my life.
For the memories of you are forever with me now.
The identity that I had wasn't me, I don't know who that was.
I am not you, but I really am sorry for dying and almost losing all my memories of you.
Until then I will be confessing on all my sins in life.
Adan Taylor Jul 2015
My selfish interlude starts at the the end
I want to fly into the heavens with my arms wide open but I can only free fall to hell
Startled I begin to close my eyes and scream but I cannot breathe
Trying to yell for strength
I hear a voice saying hold your breath then splash into the water I go not knowing what is in store for me
To my relief I am so grieved
Not knowing I was always in his clutches burning
I always go-to bars to get rid if these scars that I can no longer bare
Adan Taylor Jun 2015

I wish I didn't do it but I did.
I wish I had ten more wishes.
I wish I had another test I bet I would do better.
I wish that there was nothing I can't do.
I wish that I could wish upon a star.
I wish I could control you over an open flame.
I wish I could be you.
I wish I could live forever.
I wish that I could wish for you.
My wish is to have you once more.

— The End —