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Adam Zalt Dec 2010
In the night time I want to walk in your landscape.
A new dawn comes to shed a new life.
Seconds tangle my mind.
I'm encumbered with resistance from what I like.
Turned on by what I may never have.
Adam Zalt Dec 2010
Citizen Kane
Who could sustain
The horrid disdain
Not living up to
All the hype
An ego undone
Behind the public curtain
Eyes, lies, and truths betold.
I want my 119 minutes back Welles.
Based on my hate for the movie Citizen Kane.
Adam Zalt Jul 2010
I was terminated, today.
It foreshadowed a phone message of my father's demise.
Penniless on a reservation, I am deadened.
What are aspirations?
I am lulled by my rich heritage to live imprisoned in this space.
Like a broken and discarded snow globe, I feel irrelevant in this place.
The familiar has become the mundane.
Without enough cash to collect my Father's remains,
an estranged childhood friend pays for our one way tickets of escape to a place more barren.
Father, I wonder why you fled to such a desolate land.
What were you seeking? What was your plan?
Flashbacks of childhood dreams unfulfilled flood my mind.
Longing for our ancestors' way of life, realizing but not admitting it will never be ours.
Not belonging to the outside world, we return in my father's beat up truck, unchanged.
I promise to acknowledge my friend,
but we both know we will remain estranged.
Life on a reservation renders you reverently passive,
and without aim.
Property of AJZ Inc. A company owned by Adam Zalt.

Based on the story: "This is what it means to be from Arizona".
Adam Zalt Jul 2010
Something phenomenal calls!
Its voice is like a gushing waterfall.
Endless continuums of percussions resound
The rhythm infiltrates my consciousness and my veins.
It becomes synchronized with my heart and brain.
I writhed like a woman in childbirth.
Struggling, I sought to cast out this rhythm and the source of this call.
I wanted to sit. I wanted to crawl.
I wanted to smash this thing against the wall.
Enduring until the sound dissipates.
Drenched and exhasuted, I wait.

Eternity is ike an endless mile.
Mortality is a second in a day.
A new dawn beckons.
As the rhytm crescendos,
I surrend to its beat.

I am a newborn on the stage of life.
Is this my scene to make as I wish?
I am a fish out of water drowning from air.
Yet an Oscar awaits the moment I participate.

The choices I make reflect on the past.
Who have I cast, but myself?
Constantly, I am prepared to tangle with each day.
Reaching out for help, I am pulled from the fray.

Like a rose that forgot to bloom,
I am struck with the onset of gloom.
Counting the years, I have left, can I make the deadline?
Fate screams, "Get in line!"
It is my turn to shine.
I have resolved that I just need to be me,
Be courageous, be open, be free.
Allow life's paths to converge.

The blinding light of life has turned green.
I am revved and ready,
To make my grandest scene!
Property of AJZ Inc. A company owned by Adam Zalt.
Adam Zalt Jul 2010
Kabloom, bang, boom!
Here comes the gloom,
Zoom, tomb, doom.
Someone untangle this lifesize loom.
Property of AJZ Inc. A company owned by Adam Zalt.
Adam Zalt Jul 2010
Splat, splat, splat
Something hits the bathroom mat.
It smells like the neighbors cat,
It resembles a city rat.

A cloud of filth comes from the mound,
this wet sock is laundry bound.
Property of AJZ Inc. A company owned by Adam Zalt.
Adam Zalt May 2010
Gears keep churning.
Midnight oil is burning.

For months on end,
My mind keeps wondering.

How I want to fend away thoughts of when,
You came around.

A switch inside of me turned.
Behold! A soul was found.

My feet hovered above the Earth,
The searchlight you shone illuminated my heart.

Like a plant drawn to sunrays, I unfolded before you.
I waited. But my lifesaver never came.

A Romanesque silhouette can be seen now because of you.

I falter.
Property of AJZ Inc. A company owned by Adam Zalt.
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