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Nose bleeds red
Eyesockets shine blue
Right before I wake
I see you
At least the reoccurring nightmares of running, trying to escape out of that house are finally switching it up on me after two years though.... right?
I didn't leave so you wouldn't take him
Take me too
I wasted so he could be whole
Take me too
Watching us damaged him in ways no one can repair
Take me too
You damage
You defeat
You took everything that didn't matter
I took him
I sheltered him
I protected him from you
Now you've taken him
Now you've taken it all
Now I am once again at your mercy
Take me too
I miss you. Do you miss me?
I still love you. Do you still love me?
I hurt, when you hurt.
Do you hurt?
When you hurt me?
I want to be so productive. There are so many things I want and need to do.
Why can I not move?
Why do I feel like a 120lb weight. Stuck. Sick in the mind.
I pep talk myself. I try to build me up. But I feel fallen. I feel like I am in pieces, and my raw skin is all that holds me together.
It's been two years now. I want to be better.
This is not Instagram
This is not where I post my overfiltered photography photos
Cute, bubbly, pink
All smiles
This is my dark corner
This is where I come to wollow is self pitty
This is the one place I do not have to fake it
So if you're reading this, thanks for sitting with me
A local girl was shot in the head by her boyfriend
All I can keep thinking is I'm glad you didn't **** me
And im glad I didn't **** myself trying to get away from you
You wish me dead
But I just want you to be okay

You tell me I'm crazy
I believed it for so long
Too long

You hate me because i finally left & got away

You dehumanize me
Make me feel worthless & try to strip me of everything you think defines me

But I still just want you to be okay

Happy Birthday to Me
25 today
I really didn't think I would make it this long
So many times you almost killed me

But here I am
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