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Abigail Sedgwick Sep 2018
knives and people, sure

but this ache from missing you
needs the attention of scholars
past and present
to be defined in it's own word
trace my spine.
crash your lips upon mine.

take me away,
darling so divine.

break that clock,
we don't need the time.

for a moment, a second,
you are all mine.
tip tap tapping of a keyboard,
       hours better spent.

her mother's dad told her to go,
       so there she went.

so lovely and eager to please,
       sacrifices ((time with her son.))

a beautiful woman and mama
      simply working to hear "well done."
to Abigail, I know it isn't always easy, but you'll get there. I love you!
Abigail Sedgwick Sep 2018
If pain
is relative,
then I am drowning
in the same rain
that blooms you.

If suffering
is temporary,
then my clock has
stalled out
from ticking.

If understanding
is mutual,
then my own efforts
have so far outrun
your own
speaking. . .

I stand alone.
I’m done with your garbage.

          Pack it up,
Tie it shut,
                      And. Take. It. Out.
Abigail Sedgwick Mar 2018
life | and | the knowledge of good and evil
were available for the taking

but neither was enough
to draw her away from the brilliance
of the most High King


in that beautiful garden
of plenty
she chose a lie
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