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abby Feb 3
In the latest hours of the night
I'm always awake
listening to music
that gives me so much nostalgia
from driving around with my grandparents in 2013
looking through old things in the back of my closet
brushing off the many layers of dust
they have collected over the years
finding little things I've saved
that I thought I would use but never did
and crying over old pictures and stories I wrote
when I was little
and life
was simple
I have not posted anything in a long time because I have had severe writers block

this isn't great but at least I have some inspiration
abby Jan 6
let's go live. we can run away and make adventures of our own. we can run through the busy streets of a bright city and feel nothing but happiness. for once.

let's go and not be afraid. we can put everything behind us. and chase down new memories. ones that we deserve.

let's go find new places. we can take eight right turns and two left ones. find somewhere new. somewhere where we can just be us.

let's go together.
abby Jan 3
The marble staircase grew closer and closer
but I couldn't see where it led to
I looked down
I was wearing the most beautiful gown
far to fancy for me
lace covered every inch
with shiny dark blue fabric
just underneath it
I tried to see where I was going
but it seemed like there was nothing to look at
except for
the big staircase
just a few feet in front of me
I tried to stop
suddenly alarmed
in this place that I didn't know
but I couldn't
it was as if I was not in control
of where I was headed
I got to the staircase
and started to walk down
but it didn't stop
I was just walking through darkness
trusting that my path won't change

and then I woke up
Just a bizarre dream I had, Idk
abby Jan 3
to you
I am nothing
to me
you are everything

and it hurts
abby Dec 2020
you ripped me apart
my blood
on your hands
but you didn't care
you carved your awful words
into my bones
and left me
in pieces
oh wow this is dark but I promise, I've just been watching a lot of Criminal Minds. I'm fine.
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