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Aaron Reisinger Mar 2017
I found Heaven,
From first I kissed her lips,
But I lost myself,
In a needle and a bag.

A little pill drove the pain away,
And a bag brought me false paradise,
And these four walls held me tightly,
As I sweat it all out inside.

And steel bars and concrete walls,
Kept me away from you,
When the ****** finally,
Left my veins.

Now it's been four months,
And I've held Heaven in my arms again,
But I can't yet call her mine,
Though I haunt her dreams at night.

And it'll be four more months,
Before I might fall asleep with her by my side,
And repeatedly I dream of memories,
That make me want to run, to hide.
Aaron Reisinger Mar 2017
I know not,
The word defeat,
Though I comfortably use,
The term tactical retreat.

I know it sounds awfully proud,
Of me to say I rarely lose,
But know I mean only,
In terms I care to use.

I've lost games of chance,
Or sports at play,
But know of the things I care for,
I'll never see a defeated day.

Few things on earth keep my attention,
And fewer still do I hold close,
But darling know if love is truly a game,
I surely will not lose.

For when it comes to you,
I know not the word defeat.
And I certainly will never employ,
A tactical retreat.
Aaron Reisinger Feb 2017
The soft sounds of a piano,
Echoes faintly in my ears,
The keys hitting notes of melancholy,
As they speak of my greatest fears.

As the melody ignites my heart,
And sends shivers down my spine,
I'm reminded of those days,
When you were just mine.

And though it's certainly complicated,
And there's surely still a spark,
I wish for nothing more,
Than to hold your beating heart.

Please tell me girl,
Do you still dream of us too?
For now I listen only to sad songs,
That remind me of you.
Aaron Reisinger Jan 2017
If I die tonight,
Know you're the last,
Thing on my mind.

As the sound of twisting metal,
And busted glass rains down,
Know I thought of you,
As I began to drown.

Through the fear and pain,
Amongst fleeting memories,
I remembered your touch,
As blood floods my lungs.

My vision begins to swim,
The darkness looms quickly in,
Through the tears streaming down my face,
You're the last thought in my brain.
Aaron Reisinger Jan 2017
I fear I've lost my wits tonight,
Left for dead on the dining room floor.
Perhaps the moonlight calls my name,
While she promises more and more.

Of all the things I could've feared,
How did it end up this?
Terrified of a girl with lilted voice,
And a silken touch and kiss.

How could my weakness become,
Someone so very vulnerable,
When I put in place measures,
To stop me from hunting for her.

I know not if this is love,
Though it certainly was before,
Yet there is a budding brilliance in,
The concept of me and her.
Aaron Reisinger Jan 2017
They said I couldn't fix you,
And I kept silent,
But when they said I couldn't save you,
I made up my mind,
Knowing that I would die trying.
Aaron Reisinger Jan 2017
Your breath shook as you looked at me,
With hooded bedroom eyes,
And I can honestly say that in that moment,
I found my heart beating to the rhythm of your words.
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