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Mar 2016 · 250
Aanandha Jeeva Mar 2016
What if...
we could express
the space between
in depths defined
our love unbound
a feeling deep as sound
shaping us.
Being light, expression
can we be more?
is there something we've forgotten?
how can we love more?
Breath life into which we have come
** oponopono
Dec 2013 · 436
Aanandha Jeeva Dec 2013
black white what is light
Dec 2013 · 1.8k
Untitled dub
Aanandha Jeeva Dec 2013
aura embodies
reign cloud shines

I'll offer you my hand
A humbling breeze
Earthquakes shake the land
expand beneath the sand
waves rolling, sunshine

raw pure and unclear
dissolving fear
pouring light
fruiting delight
tears of nectar
sweet perfection
ormus affection

candlelight reflection sprouting seeds of our intention
laughter infection- spreading heading towards my heart
tickles as it parts ----- fleeting dogma counterparts

I believe in the moment. what it shows to me
mama earth writing poems to me, streams trees thrones to me
barefeet crush dry leaves, as fear flees these trees
teach so lovingly----- so humbling

Love Vibrations
love lifts altruist
light guides
inspired minds
so shine

restruct time
align oscillating vibes
fractal benign
everchanging notes for a raggae ***** tune in progress
Oct 2013 · 584
desert oak
Aanandha Jeeva Oct 2013
beauty, it seems has engulfed me
protesting all that hinders.
bones shake, and my lips touch yours
a peaceful proposition has tempted us more
to proliferate love,
your aura glows and grows
as your smile shows

long roads bend and flow
and cross under black oak shadow
and there we met
and there we left
our fear below, that dark shadow
Sep 2013 · 308
Love our now
Aanandha Jeeva Sep 2013
There is a place
fit for all
to love and learn
without fear
we are here
hug somebody!
Sep 2013 · 440
Use your voice
Aanandha Jeeva Sep 2013
Speak to me
Sound like you could be no more
than what you have come to be.
Speak like you've made it
the moment your own.

Cry like you have no fear
that you can't reveal
and you will become one
guidance will shield you.

Shine your light into dark
Reveal truth, a'part
of me is you, you I
together try
to sound
Sep 2013 · 549
Aanandha Jeeva Sep 2013
So I don't know
What things mean, but I feel.
I see, I touch, and I breath.
It feels fresh, Fall
Although I know, what comes next.
So lets start over
So I don't know
What comes next
it just came out and I really don't know

— The End —