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Hold me! Are you done playing with my coat?
Now fill me up and make sure I'm full enough.
Now I want your *******. Twist my end. Twist it so well, make me feel tight.  Tight enough that when its time to bloom we don't fail or I don't fall ..... please hold me.
Describes rolling ****.
This feeling!
The way you crawl and scratch my throat,how you coach me during my chest workout sessions. taking you in is all I wanna do but I have to let you come out after a while...cos, love is not selfish
Now this is about smoking ****. ****
Do you ever get the feeling that a wave hit You?
Well I do. A new wave hit me! It caught me when I wasn't looking . This new wave has brought sunshine, the new life  in me, the freakish things I couldn't  think of. My head rest well in peace. My eyes fall deep in yours when we fall asleep. open the doors of harmony and let's enjoy peace
That warm feeling I get when you touch me.
I feel protected.
My heart is in a better place.
My dreams loook bigger now, cos you're in it!
Dreams do come true.
It's not gonna be easy but if my words and my love calms you down then we'll settle issues with ice cream on our bodies. I'll hold you tight, treat you right, I'll love you till there's no more me.
Drink me like tea.
Take me hot.
Just so you can feel my warm embrace.
Keep me between your fingers and never let me go.
Calm down!.
Take deep breaths and feel my strength.
I'm here to keep you happy.
Describes smoking.
Green is life.
People think is evil others thinks it brings joy.
But it's the truth and an eye opener.
Once you enjoy the luxury the greens come along with, you will never go back!.The greens  shall calm you down, they shall turn your sorrow into joy and make beautiful memories with whoever gets hold of it.
 I pray the chosen ones do
About **** and how relaxing it makes people feel.
I never fought with swords.
Never got into a streetfight.
I don't need to do these.
I went through a life puzzle.
One that thought me left and right.
One that broke me but I got up so many times.
One that did not give me the privilege to keep my loved ones around for ever.
I've lived.
I've learnt... I still do.
But my scares aren't physical.
You can't see through me either.
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