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Zahraa Sep 2020
The night falls again,
and she's still feeding the stars with
memories and tales
tales of the old days
when peace used to run in her veins
instead of aches

she is whispering to the indifferent stars
how much she's scared
how she is getting drowned
in the river of her qualms and doubts
that is flowing in her heart ragingly.

She slept..
but the moonlight still could repeat
the everyday dialogue of her heart
the dialogue of how fear is making her
falling apart
how she's trying to find a beam of lantern
that will maybe rekindle her back
how she's waiting for the dawn
that will change her streaming tears
to a glassy dews
how she's terrified
that she even can hear heart beat
as a song with no rhyme.
I wrote this 5 months ago. At a time when i was chained by fear.
Zahraa Jun 2020
Trying to find a hope,
Like a butterfly chasing the light.
She's trying to find the glimmer in the chaos of a creepy night.

She's waiting for the moonlight
To ignite her heart
To strip all the fears out of her soul
To empty her mind of the constant dancing of her doubts
To get rid of the annoying rattles of her thoughts

She's waiting patiently for the first gleam
That will resurrect the withered rose of her dream.

She waited for along time
And she's still waiting.
Waiting for the day when she'll dance
to the gentle tunes of the flute
And the light will penetrant the gloom.
She'll wait cause
"maybe the moon is beautiful only because it's far"
The last line is a quote from Mahmood's Darwish poem
Zahraa Jun 2020
"Till the next time"
I said, with a grin on my face
I was sure there'll be a next time
A time that will bring joy and gladness again
A time when the white pale walls will be coloured with our greetings and the cheery smiles
A time when the small living room
Will be crowded with our hugs
A time when our hearty laugher
Will be heard from miles and miles
But this time refused to come again
Since the moment when I said with a grin on my face,"till the next time"
When my arm went high
It started waving to the air
And my happy eyes kept sighting you
Till you faded in the shadow
I'm paddling in a sea of the scattered memories
Time feels endless
Days and nights
Bringing an aggravation of bittersweet tales
The yearning is erupting through the yesterdays
I wish
I pray
I ask
For an exit from this profound strangling sea
I wish
I pray
I ask
For the day when my palm will embrace yours
When my eyes will sight yours
And you'll silent the Insatiable hunger
That lasted for moons

— The End —