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She's the type of girl

That would make me go from
cold pizza for breakfast
raisin bran and almond milk.
City lights
country nights

Coffee on the balcony
coffee in Tennessee

The city in solitude
wide open plains with you

Its pretty easy to choose...
I walk to my favorite coffee shop.
The soothing smell of beans
awake my soul and jump start my mind.

Through the motions
I would order my coffee
and go about my day.

That was until
a firey red head
said hey.
I've been seeing angels
and I'm not afraid.

I've been seeing angels
and they don't lead me astray.

Their beauty invites me
and excites me.
the words haven't been coming.
It's like I've closed off my mind,
to look into the world deeper.

Its torture,
to the poet.
When they long to be inspired,
but the world looks grey.
I saw your aunt today
and it made me feel some time of way.
Like the way I felt
when I knew I'd found a family.

Why'd you take that from me?
Why'd you ruin the love we had?
You couldn't be open with me
and I couldn't open you up.

Now I'm stuck in meloncholy
I didn't just lose you,
I lost us,
I lost them,
I lost me.
You are my best friend,
our conversations still make me laugh,
even though they don't continue anymore.

I wish I spoke to you more,
before that fatal  night,
where you went to the light.

I know you are alive in Christ,
but this life without you is tough,
I miss you,
and I can't wait to see you again.
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