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Every second
with her,
is the fullest second
that is possibly and impossibly obtainable.
The mountain
in its strength
Reminds me of your faith
solid, immovable,
And rising high towards the heavens

The field
In its beauty
reminds me of your eyes
green with hints of yellow
And full of life unhindered.

The sun
In its majesty
Reminds me of your smile
Bright and warm
And how it lights up a thousand rooms

You are the woman I adore
And my best friend.
You are proverbs thirty one
and my shotgun rider.
When asked to describe you
in one word I'd say
Yellowstone doesn't even
come close
To you.
This morning
I ate eggs and drank coffee
without you by my side

The back porch was quiet
and the birds chirping
could neither fill
the chair beside me
nor the void in my heart.

I will see you again soon
but I have to say
I did not think it would be
so hard
this morning.
As the light shown through the blinds,
I realized that thats exactly what I was.
I was blinded by your facade
and it took the mistake of a lifetime
to see
that you're not the one for me.
Its fading.

Like the words on the
love letters
that you wrote to me.

It's fading.

Like the end of
our song
which we would leave on repeat.

It's fading.

Like the color of
our hair
as we've grown old together.

It's fading.

The powerful, passionate beats of
your heart
as you cling to life.

It's fading.

The reason for my life
and I just don't know
if I can do it without you.

It's fading.

My hope that you'll
pull through
and that I will be able to carry on.
Your vagabond child
has run off into the wild
because it has been so so long,
since his face has felt a smile.

The mundane of this life
is causing him so much strife
and he simply cannot contain
the pain he feels in the night.

He longs for adventure
full of life uncensored
so this is why he must go
to find life untempered.
For a man to know of love
not be able to drink from its cup
is like
an eagle who ruled the high skies
is placed in a cage with his wings clipped.
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