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Jimmy Kudo Nov 15
Even with two incredible degrees.
I still lack warmth & knowledge
If the heart is over my heart
Can I still don it on my striped sleeve?
My pet peeve.
Jimmy Kudo Nov 15
And that's why you rob so much
A funny convo toward the end of the party
She said black people bob too much
So she stay away from builders wielders & Marleys
I said crazy Caucasian girls grin too much
So I stay away from Harley's
Hope I did not lose you
But I don't Quinn too much,
Try to sing with Glee
She couldn't afford studio time so now she trying to sing
On Me.
Jimmy Kudo Nov 15
My truce
Rubber goose green moose guava juice

The cosmos to my fairly odd merits
The audacity of hope in our new lives.

A cosmopolitan followed by lecture on the dangers of online dating that we inherit.

Coffee meets Honduras.

When will both become some truly incredible parents?
Jimmy Kudo Nov 15
(The Freaky Fox Chronicles Pt. 1)

Five foot 10,
Nice sized d*
Long *** hair I can pull her ****
Bust one bust two.
On the couch bust a few.
In Santorini stimulated all by me
Or right down the road at the renovated Aldi.

Allow me to.
Dampen your ambitions.
A Lousy day at Helen.
I want to caress her in the kitchen.
& Near the triptychs in the store.
And Nails.
Dropping ****.
Against your delicately decorated walls.
As beautiful as Flagler is I want her in front of Kenan Hall.

Would you like a taste?
I press my tongue against her ***** majora
And in a drum her down in a major way
Although I can’t swim
I never thought I’d die drowning
In her pools of pretty peonies
& My pools of perspiration.

But then I lose the feeling.
The bane of my existence.
The muzzle to the insatiable appetite
She’s puckered with disdain.
I pucker my lips and bless her ****.
And I’m back...
And we’re back.
At It.

I adore her, the fresh lime to my mojito
The apple of my eye
The sublime flair of a dashing tuxedo.
The fragrance when she’s patient
And the moans of her submission
As I smack the barricades of her mean attitude
And juicy lips.
And stunning foundation.
And bodacious brows.
And **** smile.
And perfect ***.
That ***.
The lotus flower that I never knew I wanted.
And talk filthy to her.
2714 times.
As she whispers her permission.

I-stroke her canvas with black blots
And she loves to downwards dog position during backshots
It drives me into dark circles.
I want to be her concealer.
And seal her passion in a bottle
So that on a lousy day on Helen.
I can open it while she swallows.
Jimmy Kudo Nov 15
All of THIS over a STICK!.
What a ******.
Jimmy Kudo Nov 14
We wouldn’t have hot dogs,
If every pork chop was perfect
Because some steaks are gross
And my stake in this newfound love has Rose. And risen. I rinse not
The burns from your radiant smile that are etch onto my soul
It underlies how your potential is truly worth it.

8 months in and you still feel like
The new girl.
The Euphoria of your presence is still
As powerful as a blackish Empire.
Give me Moor.
Give me less.
Allow me to POSE 13 reasons why
I’m dying to adopt you little baby.
Without nick picking too much about how much you jack from me.
And walking out.
At least I ran good D.
This is Us.
But if we share can transparency be ours?
She doesn’t just want my affection.
I hope She’s gotta have it too.
An Alf alpha female
But I sadistically dominate

They say black lightening doesn’t strike twice but I’ve seen stranger things
Like when you turn on me
Dark, unreal and reflective, my black mirror .
An Atypical girl who meets the World.
And only greets silly cartoon men
With the cunningness of a Bojack Horseman
Oops there goes my Big Mouth.

I hate the term mixish
But grownish does not fit either.
pretty little liar
With gorgeous taste to match her demeanor

I am not rich. I am not Poe.
But I am unique and can see that Raven’s home.
You may fly away from me in February
March from the truth
And you lie in April
But I entertained, as funny as that may seem
There will be no time for friends.
There will be no *** in the city.
No, no no no, no
No fruit baskets or BET HER romances.
Just a Tremendous Villan for your
Tantalizing ***
Because you’re a TV addict

And I’ll address all of the racism
The peonies and peons
Like Dear white peole.
When they see us raising dion.
Jimmy Kudo Nov 14
I caught my ex lying through her teeth
Now she on my timeline lying thru her tweets
I tried to straighten everything out
She was too busy snorting a line
Biting down.
Biting down.
The blue bird and blue dolphin started crying.

She too fixated on rap artist, athletes and actors
To Be with an L with like hiM because only rich black lives matter
She a fan of Marshal Mathers..
Deion Sanders.  
Antwon tanner,
....Ok I think I'm starting to see a pattern

& I
must be George constanza
Because I just did my first show, 178 episodes and I still can't escape the role like Jason Alexander

She too busy thinking of a clever caption
To console me when my dog died.
There’s two missing in action

She is too busy looking for the filter
To acknowledge the confidence and relationship walls I built her

She too busy working as a waitress
To care about how I'm grinding, her patrons are WAITING.

She is too busy applying her makeup
And eating compliments and barium meals How she suppose to see what I'm made of?She’s sleeping with a dead beat
That’s her only exercise.
How she gone deadlift that weight up

Nah I won't even wait up.
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