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King Key Nov 2019
I told myself everything will be okay
Where theres a will theres a way
Ignore the thoughts and the things they say
Softly put my heart on minimize
Sit back
recap and take my  time
And remember after a rainy day
the sun always shine
What will be
will be
Trust the process and my heart I was told .....
And then soon  I'll  see
King Key Jun 2019
I’ll live my life how I please
Some how take care of all my needs
And understand what life means to me
Realistically or spiritually?
Personally it’s all just a dream
King Key Mar 2019
I understand somethings can be hard  
I understand you want me to play a part
I understand small things fall apart
But understand I never wanna break your heart
Understand What’s real
Understand that when I’m with you I get this chill
I’m not the greatest but I understand how you feel
I tried
I never lied  
talk highly of you “Yeah she’s kind”
More then that baby yeah your fine
She keeps my held high
Gives me this power
Motivativated and inspire to talk about her for hours
King Key Mar 2019
Never did I expect my girlfriend to be my best friend.
My only friend
Without the realization that all things come to an end.
I live I learn
I change I grow  
The pain I know
Teaches me that they come and go
Solid i am ,I stay the same
I think and still feel the same my love  
Strong from the heart but to avoid the hurt is from the brain .
King Key Mar 2019
Let me figure you out,Get in your head
Study your mind and soul.The truth?
I dread
Your Beauty hides a beast
But before I change you
I’d leave
seeing all I needed to see
With the understanding that you weren’t for me
King Key Mar 2019
So clearly things change
But very blinding they can be  
Except what is
And have faith in what will be
King Key Feb 2019
I have unease feeling
Momma don’t need this children
Yeah,You are unappealing
That’s facts
I have a unease feeling
I need a special healing
The truth is concealing
No cap
So high my mind lifted
To myself say that I am gifted
Smoke good but I don’t sip it
No tripping just just listen
And witness
This unease feeling
I need a special healing
The truth is concealing
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