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Yaotl Arenas Jan 14
I’m the one footed pigeon standing in front of you hurting, broken, hungry for sincere love, and your standing there with your hand out holding hope. But every time I take a step forward you pull your hand away 😔
Yaotl Arenas Jan 14
To the owner of my heart. I am writing this for you. You gave me happiness in my darkest days. You showed me starts in the middle of the day. You showed me how life could be easier and how it goes on. This is my desperate brain telling you good bye. Good bye with a deep sorrow in my heart. Good bye my love good bye my guard. Good bye my happiness. Good bye my love.
Yaotl Arenas May 2017
This air you feel, is the air I breathe…
The sun you see is the sun I see…
And the heat you feel it reaches me…
This air I feel is the same you breathe!
Wrote this for my love

— The End —