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Xyrrio Jun 2018
I'm just at the moment where I'm wanting to drown myself in the frozen ocean my heart has become, I'm floating perpetually within the ice wanting to be bitter but you are hacking through the layers of frozen water to pull me out and I don't know how I feel watching it. I don't know how I'll feel if you do pull me out, my inner self is cold to the touch and I crumble once I start talking about my past so I just keep everything held back. Cause if I don't I'll fall apart. I'm scared of love.

I don't know what it is that scares me, you know those nights that I told you about? Where I just dream of darkness? I feel entirely cold and I know I'm submerged under that layer of ice. That's truly what I dream of, and that's why I wake up gasping for air. That ocean has been thawed out before but he took everything he had to pull me out, and everything was sweet for awhile until I lost my touch of reality again. Once he saw how messed up I was he had no choice but to leave and I fell back to the waves where over time it froze over again. And before him many have done the exact same thing, so I'm afraid this will happen with us and I'll loose you both. My love life has been nothing but a cycle.
Written by Vincent
Xyrrio Jan 2017
It begins at a moderate pace,
Picking up steadily like time is in a mad haste,
Confined to one dimly lit area this fever cultivates,
Stretching endlessly as this heartache alternates to a physical pang,
Emotions barbed and jagged as those of thorns the heart turns to rage
Written by Tristan
Xyrrio Sep 2016
It's a strain,
An immense pain,
Something he cannot quite handle,
Roused by the day the boy yearns to linger within his dreams,
But alas among those peculiar visions lies nightmares to cause his screams.

Silence stills him.

The absence of overhearing another heartbeat,
Vacant touch of his own hand trailing the empty side of the bed leaves him defeat,
Breathing slows to a dull rise as the boy refuses to leave this dismal spot
He feels no warmth and perhaps no need for such trends,
But doesn't everyone need at least someone in the end?
Written by Tristan
Xyrrio Sep 2016
He is asked this but only a bitter laugh will escape his lips,
The boy does not mock you he has no interest in all of this,
Falling for many and loosing so much it just appears to be a loss of ones clutch.
Terrible with connections and expressing his feelings the numbness within could only be so chilling,
Though somewhere through the scowl along his features,
Lies something that could cast away all these **** demeaning creatures,
A faint thumping of ones wild heart dulled with isolation,
Perhaps one more love could be his only inspiration?
Written by Vincent
Xyrrio Sep 2016
A bother this boy has grown to be,
No one else has yet to see, what this boy can truly say and bleed,
Attempting to shove out the pain, push this agony behind him, it festers.

Current condition collapsing to a dwindling blank stare,
Oh my this boy seems utterly broken and bare,
Only to implode into a shrill of cries and shrieks this boy releases tears,
"Someone will hear, I must stop this before I am revealed.",
State of mind recoils in protest,
This poor boy only desires some proper rest.
Written by Tristan
Xyrrio Sep 2016
Oh. I am not brave,
I walk through this earth meandering much like a slave,
chest shattered much like crumbled glass,
That I hope that I soon to pass with some dignity,
It's all this broken heart has felt, not for itself but for the ones knelt,
They shout and curse such vengeful sentences,
That I too hear the deceit inside their intentions,

What is love?
Why do you ask? When that history seems to splatter my past,
I am not a cruel boy, no,
My heart intentionally was left out to wither in the snow.
Written by Tristan
Xyrrio Aug 2016
Why has he become such a desperate little child,
It is due to the fact that he has grown wicked and wild,
All this time cut off from the world has deemed him unholy,
This child is becoming such a pesky little bully,
With heart heavy and eyes ready to relieve their tears,
"Is this the end, why am I here" he vacantly fears,

Oh dear child with your upper lip cut,
Just keep on fighting and trusting your gut.
Written by Tristan
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