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Xybie Acodesin May 2019
I am numb but I'm in pain
I am healed but still in vain
Please, give me back my hurricane
Xybie Acodesin May 2019
Thunderclaps,lighting, raging storm
Havoc and chaos on the place she call home
Was once sanguine but now a crimson
Was once bright but now is dimmed
Time goes and I am freed
I tore down the walls I had build
Bruises, are visible
A proof that I am not invincible
Now I am again revealed
For the world to see that I am healed
Xybie Acodesin Jun 2019
I can see the lies in every truth
I feel the hidden pleasure in every bruise
For I too did not get rid of my monsters yet
I befriended them instead
Xybie Acodesin Jul 2019
They're back
I thought I already win
It's pitch black
Here we go again
Heave a sigh
I got no more tears to cry
This time I am begging
Why do you keep on coming?
Xybie Acodesin Jun 2019
Some are visible
Some are hidden
Some are tamed
But most are destructive
Beware, for a monster need not to be scary
You have to fight, no time to be weary
She was scared
She was lost
She was broken
It was hard
But now,
She is brave
She is found
She is scarred
And it is beautiful
And if
the universe
against us,
I'll still

Making yourself a priority doesn't always mean that you're being selfish, sometimes it is what you call self respect / self love
Xybie Acodesin Jun 2019
Beautiful creature
Don't let your shine dim
Be one with the nature
Accept your flaws and continue to dream

— The End —