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Jun 10 · 38
To My Dearest Self
And if
the universe
against us,
I'll still

Making yourself a priority doesn't always mean that you're being selfish, sometimes it is what you call self respect / self love
Apr 22 · 50
Time goes and I am freed
I tore down the walls I had build
Bruises, are visible
A proof that I am not invincible
Now I am again revealed
For the world to see that I am healed
Apr 21 · 51
She was scared
She was lost
She was broken
It was hard
But now,
She is brave
She is found
She is scarred
And it is beautiful
Jul 2019 · 36
Let Me Let You Go
Xybie Acodesin Jul 2019
They're back
I thought I already win
It's pitch black
Here we go again
Heave a sigh
I got no more tears to cry
This time I am begging
Why do you keep on coming?
Jun 2019 · 231
Xybie Acodesin Jun 2019
I can see the lies in every truth
I feel the hidden pleasure in every bruise
For I too did not get rid of my monsters yet
I befriended them instead
Jun 2019 · 617
Xybie Acodesin Jun 2019
Some are visible
Some are hidden
Some are tamed
But most are destructive
Beware, for a monster need not to be scary
You have to fight, no time to be weary
Jun 2019 · 134
Xybie Acodesin Jun 2019
Beautiful creature
Don't let your shine dim
Be one with the nature
Accept your flaws and continue to dream
May 2019 · 47
Xybie Acodesin May 2019
Thunderclaps,lighting, raging storm
Havoc and chaos on the place she call home
Was once sanguine but now a crimson
Was once bright but now is dimmed
May 2019 · 126
Chasing Hurricane
Xybie Acodesin May 2019
I am numb but I'm in pain
I am healed but still in vain
Please, give me back my hurricane

— The End —