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Nawal Jun 2018
After a long time today you sat in front of me.
Your back facing my crimson red face.
I just couldn't stop looking at you.
You turned around and smiled and we shared our biology notes.
God was I happy.
You laughed along with me though I saw the sadness in your eyes.
You face screamed a great despair which I knew what it was.
You had just broken up with a girl and came to me indirectly for comfort.
That girl was nothing, but to you she was something you could never again have cause she was beautiful, she had the curves the face but not the soul you intended to love. And that's  okay cause you can't always find the qualities you want in someone who you are not meant to be with.
I hope the best for you.
She might've loved your face.
But I love you.
I hope one day you feel the same way with me too.
Nawal Jun 2018
Across the hallway I see your hazel eyes
Staring attentively, an explosion of yellow fireworks as they burn through my soul.
My own eyes flick away but ever so quickly I take a glimpse of your beautiful face.
I know you like me but your with her.
I avoid your presence, you avoid mine. You cannot deny though that we have chemistry between us, that you do care, that you rather be with me than her. But your foolish, your scared of betrayal,of something real but so am I.
I have never been with anyone. I am utterly terrified of commitment, passion, Love but mostly importantly the feeling of being hurt if it doesn't work out. So it's okay, I'm fine.
Let's be together in our dreams, a perfect world. Me and you. We can talk under the starry nights at the beach with our toes in the sand and a drink in our hands but a smile on our faces knowing that there cannot be two people in this world more perfect together than us.
Its nice isn't it, to dream. I guess we will spend the rest of the days looking at something that we are afraid to have. But most importantly afraid to lose. I guess we will never know, since we swam right through the ocean never taking a glimpse back at the shore.
Nawal Apr 2018
All this time you swam in the ocean
Wandered through the rainforest
Ran through the desert
And searched the sky
Finding a person who is not right for you.
Putting in endless effort and time caring for someone who doesn't even wish you happy birthday.
You are foolish and your stupidity makes me want to cry.
All this time I'm here, talking to you, looking into your starry eyes,
 a grey void of pain.
You do not love her
you never did
You are walking on this earth blind when god has given you the most radiant eyes.
Her shadow Is casting your pupils.
She is blocking the light in your life.
Yet you are with her...
Nawal Apr 2018
The most beautiful love you can spare Is to your mother.          
For there is nothing more delightful than her.
She's exquisite, her skin radiant,
glowing with passion as she cares for you.
For she is sweet, her love tasting like nectarous honey.
Love her, cherish her as if it is the only rose that you can possess, keep her boundless beauty glistening. Loving your mother is a never ending adventure.
For there is nothing more delightful than her...
Nawal Apr 2018
We built bridges with our  words.
Mended them together with our tears.
Painted them with our laughs.
Made it strong with our love.
Drove our hearts across to watch the sunrise.

-let us not destroy it

— The End —