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Writingsofgul Sep 2020
I remember when you looked at me
With tears in your eyes
You said you'd never leave me
I remember when you touched me
Your skin gliding on mine
You said yours was made for me and mine yours
I remember when you spoke to me
Your voice as calming and soothing as ever
You said I'd listen to it as much as I wanted
I remember when you placed my hand on your chest
Your heart beating wildy
You said it beats for me and it shall always be mine
But I'm here now alone
You left me and I can no longer hear your voice
You left me and I can no longer feel your skin
Your heart has stopped and it no longer beats
Not for me Not for you
Writingsofgul Sep 2020
It's time he whispered and like magic
My body answered for me
As I found myself walking behind him like a baby
It was that time of the night
When we confess our love
Not with words like that usually do
But in our own different way

He'd hold my hand
Excited he'd take me to our spot
He'll sit me down him as well
As he slowly kisses my cheek
Like socery I'll admit
My body surrenders to his touch
Take all of me I'll say to him
I'm yours and you're mine

Under the dim lights
And as the stars and moon watch
The man of my dreams will show me the depths of his feelings
Gently and carefully like a king to his queen
He'll kiss me casually yet flooded with attention
His lips finding every weakness hidden in me
He'll lay on top me beneath him
His tongue trailing along the curves of my body
And devouring me whole

He'll then stop right before the deed
And watch my eyes beg for him
My body desperately calling for him
Asking him to continue
He'll say to me"Are you okay?" With concern in his voice and I'll nod
Deep in my thoughts I'll say This is the man I want forever

Do it I'll say shyly covering my hungry eyes
Fill me I'll beg
But like a command he'll obey
Gently at a slow place
Ill feel him inside of me
He'll say I love you
As he watches my soul escape my body
With a rhythm my body shall dance with his
Leaving us both in ecstasy
And in the silence of the nights
Ill say to myself
How can this man be so perfect
As he'll fill me and collapse on my chest
He'll whisper I love you once more
And I'll stroke his hair
As we watch the night dance away
After an episode of our heated love story

— The End —