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Warisha 4d
I love my scars,
Because they are the symbol of my success,
They show that I survived,
I fought,
They are the symbol,
That time hasn't changed anything,
But thought me go through the pain.
They reflect that,
I'm better than ever.
They are the symbol that my,
Hardwrok was not vain.
My scars define me.
Warisha Apr 19
Pain is all I have.
There's no one to listen,
No one to care,
No one to see,
The pain I have within me.
Thousands sleepless nights,
There's nothing left that is right,
No hope,
No way left to cope.
I'm here all alone,
I know I've messed up,
But I'll make it right,
Allright .
Warisha Apr 17
I'm better off all by myself,
You took my pride away,
Leaving me with anxiety,
But I'll find another way,
You trying taking my life,
You target my weakness,
Burning my strength away,
But I'm not quite there yet,
You ain't seen the rest of me,
And I'm not giving in .
Warisha Apr 11
I'm loosing my sleep,
I walk in a line between confidence and suicide  .
I lost some people long a way,
Oh what a shame.
Demons torture my mind,
And I'm losing my mind.
I'm riding on broken dreams,
It's getting harder to see,
Slit my wrist ,****** fist  ,
Questioning why I exist.
Warisha Apr 8
I want to spend my entire life looking at you,
There's no one else like you,
You improve everything,
And I'm greatful to god a million times for bringing you In my life.
Just looking at you it feels like spring,
What else is there to say about love,
I would give up everything when it comes to you,
My pen starts at you and ends at you,
Every dot In my book describes the love I have for you,
I want to spend my entire life looking at you.
Warisha Apr 7
I stay inside my room,
The world doesn't miss me.
Didn't go out,
Had no one to go with me.
I didn't ask out,
Cause I had no one to think of me.
Always left alone,
No love to find,
You are the one that acts kind.
Something is happening,
I wish you could see,
The way you make me smile.
And the rest is all a lie.
Most of the time I see you replying to people.
While I try writing getting *******.
I don't really care what the world will say,
But I'm already tired of living alone all day.
Let's meet again,
You with your smile and flirty pick up lines,
With love in my heart and hope in my eyes,
I'll hear you, admire you, write about you,
Till we meet again under the same sky.
Warisha Apr 7
Walking in the line between,
Panic and losing my mind,
Loving the madness.
The devils whisper in my ears,
Reminding me all my fears  .
I live in a nightmare,
There are no angels no Hero's,
Out here,
It's me and the demons laying here,
Dancing in the dark space,
Loving this madness.
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