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W D Haven Nov 2014
Our eyes are different
our minds so similar
Hearts struck from cliffs
of porous stone
how can you change
what you are after?
At breakneck speed
it is roll or run

My guise is significant
Adaptations adequate
In founding, proscribed
By a burrowing throne
Allocated empathy
Out of arbitrary agony
The suns of our comforts
Can boil your bones

Remember the wild call.
The earth between your toes
How nature allows us
There's no wrong way without a road
Internalize those symmetries
That form a greater whole
We are each what God sought
When he swore and broke the mould
W D Haven Nov 2014
The sun pursues my agony,
Chained beside the cocoa tree,
If I could fly
I'd chase that eye,
To see how high it rests.

Beneath their glaring steel,
My masters laugh in shallow breaths.
Sans distress,
They grow weak,
Always weary,
Their children cannot stop losing blood.

I imagine what it's like on the other side.
Their taunts supply my mind with amazing dreams.
Ambitions grand and humble ripen.
One chain is all that keeps the world from me.

My life rockets!
A howling promise!
I am glad of my work.
It is this certainty I cannot stand.
W D Haven Nov 2014
With silent tears
She begs forgiveness
From one she has never wronged.
Dressed in silver and black,
With green on the inside
She closes her eyes
Swallows her shivering soul
And clutches peace
Her beauty undiminished
W D Haven Nov 2014
Before the storm
I had no reason
to stay in

Now I yearn
to go out
and be soaked
W D Haven Nov 2014
Venerable Stone,
Impress upon me your memories.

Sieges weathered
Seasons tasted
May you stand strong for a thousand years
W D Haven Nov 2014
I am an honorific supposition
Relieving vowed perdition
Of narrow corridors

Sedition pounded
Flounders madly
Seeking loudly
A righteous chore

While resolving disputed dignity,
I know eight faces:

Soft Admiration
Rowdy Persuasion
Mighty Resolution
Orphaned Confusion
Delighted Fixation
Grand Separation
Sly Rumination
and a frequent categorical shuffling intellect
W D Haven Nov 2014
Your mind,
to me,
is an undiscovered treasure.
I try,
to gaze into your soul
I like what I see,
no judgements or opinions
promises and hellions
slide right off my coat

This moment that we share
may last until the sun has risen
Surly or debonair,
Time decides
sporadic rhythms

We've tossed our fear and care,
Relinquished expectations
Green and firm and fair,
I forget my suppositions
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