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Bittersweet memories
Refrain your bias documentary
Must you dwell on my cerebrum
When I only wish to press upon the beat of my own drum.
It amuses me how you lurk
Searching for that something that'll exude an inner hurt.
Last but not least remember the true me.
The mannerism you express when struggling silently are adjacent
To my adversaries.
I snuggle in my comfort zone and neglect everything else.
I sense no one comprehend what's at hand.
Be conscience is what my guides tell me.
Now I am here in my home land restarting again.
Reveal your sentiments
Unleash and
Revise your intuition.
It will not mislead.
Be mindful and humble at all times. We all have our highs and lows.
I felt your tears as they roll down your brown cheeks
I remember that late night as we walked down the street
Do not fear I am here,
I am there and
Sometimes I hear their uncanny thoughts but
My heart only care to heal. However,
it seems apart of me have engineered
A box of steel.
It feels it must be at guard due to its sensitive faults.
I am glad you all will know my truth
It will be in two.
I just want you all to live with your truce.

Allow it to change you for a better you.
When did I become invisible? When did people almost walk right into me? When did I stop being acknowledged?

I don’t recall the year, the month, the day, or the time. It was as if I entered a different universe full of strangers.

They are young and bustling, a word that would never trip off their immortal tongues, these people of now.

I want to let them in on the secret, but they wouldn’t believe me. Because they don’t see me. See me no more.
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