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Before the altar,
                    Were many kneels
           Which cleaved to the ground.
   River of tears streamed down every eye.
The moment of a thousand-life turn around.

                        I have sinned!
                 Oh Lord have mercy
                hear the sinner's cry.
                    So loud and clear
         With a heart; broken and dry.

          Blessed are the poor in spirit
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
           Hear the messsiah's words,
                 so faithful and true
       to the massive perishing world.
Blessed are the poor in spirit for  theirs is the
                      kingdom of heaven.
A ruler once came to Jesus by night.
To ask him the way of salvation an' light
  Our master gave answers - word true
                        and plain,
           You must be born again.

      Born of water and of the spirit.
   Out of a world lost in sin and shame.
Into the resurrection of life; sacred and
         You must be born again.
The nails and the prints on my palms.
Were a price to redeem your lost soul.
A sent you couldnever afford to pay,
         You must be born again.

Remember I suffered and died for thee.
As my precious blood flowed through
               Calvary's tree.
'Crucified' ... I sung this song in agony,
          You must be born again.
      Be not unequally yoked with
     Rally against the 'crucify him'
  Tell it to the heathen and the gentiles,
          You must be born again.

    The bride groom is on his way.
Get your lamp with an extra oil ready.
           Again and again I say;
         You must be born again.
Jesus answered and said unto him,
Verily verily, i say unto thee except a man be born again, he cannot  see the kingdom of God
                             John 3:3

— The End —