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Jun 13 · 206
Night Sky Desires
It's just so easy
To see the stars in her sky.
Every boy takes a look
When her beautiful night walks by.

They all look up
At her constellations for every curve
Kept far from their reach
As overdue desires strike every nerve.

But there is this boy
The boy that walks towards her shore
Looking down in the depths
Of this beauty they've never seen before.

Because they all look up

Nobody ever wants to look below

That's where the waves come crashing

That's where the boy always wishes to go.
Doesn't mean he deserves her though.
Nov 2018 · 371
All This Time
Victor D Aguayo Nov 2018
None of you were ever the first
To tell me all I've done wrong
There's no such thing as the worst
After not telling me all along

Like this moment is always rehearsed
Always waiting till the very end
Wishing my actions could have reversed
What your smile loves to pretend

So keep on bringing the cursed
To grow strong for the one that stays
This heart stays ready to burst

...Maybe just one of these days
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
A Special One
Victor D Aguayo Nov 2018
Don't you FEEL it
Your heart being taken
In a way you've never imagined
Your trust never mistaken

Don't you FEEL this love
Fulfilled but still escalates
Proving life's pain was worth it
After every past love seperates

But do you FEEL it now
Subdued by a certain face
Thought so highly of this one
Putting you back in your place
Nov 2018 · 319
Mind in the Moment
Victor D Aguayo Nov 2018
What we have widens my heart, paces my mind
The tape in my eyes rolling, playing on rewind

The words come out clear, off that lonely crystal moon
Falling softly on my sheet, to awake upon her soon

But the nightmare has begun, her voice trembling my hand
My creativity of warming words, unable to carefully land

I'm losing my rhythm, this structure is falling
My phrases can't rhyme and my writing is sloppy

Only things my mind speaks
One simple thing to say

"Please my love,
Won't you let me stay?"
Nov 2018 · 14.6k
A Rare Sight
Victor D Aguayo Nov 2018
He could never understand religion,
Coincidence creating superstition,
And she could never stop believing
Ever since God gave her life healing.

But they exchanged opposing pieces
To take home as their love increases.

To a thankful night prayer, towards the cross upon her shelf.
A master of his wishes, as he kept believing in himself.
Oct 2018 · 617
Victor D Aguayo Oct 2018
I can't stand the sight of you
Your smile splitting in every bend
Sitting here with her arms shaking
After she's told me, beginning to end

I know what you have done before
To the small garden under the setting sun
With only just a few seasons more
Till your hands have already begun

And many would walk through with care
Or some without even much to give
As you gave such a sickening stare
At the stems that still have much to live

With warm pedals as certain as summer
Frozen and silent from the winter in you
You were finally alone in the lovely garden
So you did what no father should ever do

And like a strong shake of the devil's hand
You've placed my mind beyond the fire
A false heart under my knifes plan
Your punishment is what I sadly desire

But her garden more beautiful than ever
Her hand touching mine with ease
You're so lucky she forgives you now
Without making you beg on your knees
Oct 2018 · 372
My Romans
Victor D Aguayo Oct 2018
This love manifests into my world inside
An expression forbidden among believers who kneel
With my past before and our lives ahead
There is that time between that you
made me feel
When silken ink flows within ancient records
Your presence no longer my world's mystery
The Son of God cursing our names in vain
As my Romans inscribed our love in history
Oct 2018 · 506
Go Ahead, Ask Again
Victor D Aguayo Oct 2018
I want you in my head
Able to finally look through my eyes
Taking a look at your own self
So that no more questions will arise

Your beauty is step one
Realizing beauty is blind comes after
Because seeing what lies underneath
Should have given you my answer

So just go ahead and say it
My eyes will not stop you from asking
Its the element within my words
That keeps my fire in your heart lasting
Oct 2018 · 349
Mirrors of Gold
Victor D Aguayo Oct 2018
He's not scared to break the lock
Showing his many mirrors of gold
She will hold them all with care
Watching every reflection unfold
But they warn him of what he's done
As his fears come first to be told
Should he not let her understand
The secrets that his eyes withhold?
"Show her nothing from within"
They would all continue to scold
While his pain outlasted mind
Began breaking beyond the mold
Now she sees further in the eye
Of his emotion that never grows old
No matter how horrible it screams
No demon hears its wish to be sold
Once again they all cried with care
"Please not another word from your soul
She'll know where spikes can run deep
From her rose so beautiful and cold"
"But how can I ever be true
Without letting my sun and moon behold,
And leave my trusting waters weak
While my heart beats in soil so bold?"
Until she glanced at the last mirror
Letting go, they all shattered and rolled

"You're no longer a mystery to me" she said
Locking his broken mirrors of gold.
An old one I wrote years ago.
Oct 2018 · 871
Physical Needs
Victor D Aguayo Oct 2018
I shift across the oceans
As I explore through your emotions,
You shift in your stance
Wanting a real touch of romance.
I walk through the fire
My endless love erupts even higher,
You walk through the street
Your soft hands without mine to meet.
I slept along the trees
As I speak my heart with such ease,

You slept alone on your bed

Your wish for me has finally grown dead.

— The End —