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Lavender lights
All gone for her
She walks alone at night
Pray for the days to be normal

Pouring rain
People around
They seem to be fine and sane
Pray as you broken and far beyond formal

Infinite brim
Past and the Now
The decision was taken by him
Pray for the feeling to brim

Withering flowers
Scattered around
Look how they torn-dead on ground
No name to address, no reversing sound
You sent me her picture
With sweet yellow b-day greeting
And cried for that moment
But I knew how it felt and accepted the longing
And now I m wondering
Will it make you hurt
If my ugly break up
Still affected me..
Don't think anything wrong
Love you same as sky is blue
For the human eye
But can we cross out
Who has been there for long time
Whom we took as a family
No strings attached
It is painfiul in both ways:
To keep or to break
Your task is to mend
What was shattered rough
Warm up from winter
Full of reminiscing cough
I want us to work out love
I want it much.
Sitting and tears rolled up
In your favourite blue eyes.
I will never throw away
What we've built by now
And I believe in you.
Not one obstacle we have to overcome
To finally put hearts at rest
And embrace each other tight
You think of life a lot
So do I, trust me on that
As well as how we meet
And how life change the first greet
Your path isn't easy,I know
But your efforts will all pay off.
Molecules of tropic winter air
Swing gently on closed eyelids
Curtains sealed, sleeping atmosphere
After work, in your premises..
I want to become a small globule
To fall from your sleepy eyelashes
That twitch gently to the harmony of late morning occasion..
And your even breathing
That is drawn up in my imagination
Sunflowers are in your soul?
Perhaps love stoke you boy
If her laugh is penetrating your whole
And busks yellow colours of joy.
In a golden light
She is growing throughout your heart
Making your days ablaze
You are catching the moment of gaze
And notice her cheeks blush
It’s a sign of a definite crush
It’s a wonderful sunny phase
Both are splashing the wonderful grains
Nurtured in mother-nature
You wonder how she can be so gracious
Seeding happiness and stocking love.
Share you sunflowers, folk
With abundant petals and perfection note
It is but new words
for resonant songs:
in languages tuned
from old notes.
Imaginations are
rearranged to yield
greater and deeper
human insights,
framed in a
variety of forms.
Truth to  Sincerity
is all.

Nothing in literature
can be compared
to poetry, other
than Beauty.
For, in a word,
Poetry is Perfection.

Poetry is Beauty. Beauty  is Truth. It's loveliness does not fade but increases.  It will never dissolve to nothingness. Look upon all beauty with love,  as if for the last time. All that lives must die - passing through life to eternity. Poetry endures.

— The End —