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Dorothy Valeus Jun 2020
I love you
You are one of a kind
Unique, beautiful and smart
I can't get you out of my mind

I adore you
you are my whole life
I can't live without you
Because of you I thrive

You are my other- half
The one and only
Since I step foot on this earth
With you I never felt lonely

You are my happiness
When you appear I bound to smile
It feels like there's no reason to frown
every second spent with you is worthwhile

You are the key to my heart
It's a sign
when we together
every thing  seem fine
Dorothy Valeus May 2020
My eight grade year will go down in history
The impact Covid 19 had on me and my family
You won’t get rid of me!  i’m alive
And I will survive

I won’t say it’s easy
But I won’t be lazy
I’ll soar like a hawk
Although the way may look dark

Success, for me is due
You thought, I would end up blue?
But, instead I’ll wear  that mask
Feeling proud, accomplishing my task

You won’t hold me back,
I’ll recover from your attack
You want to see me in fear
But, I won’t  even drop a single tear,

I will hold my head high
After all my graduation is nigh
My teachers make it possible to achieve all
I will not allow you to make me fall

Social distancing has taken over my life
I will follow orders without strife
Although I’ll rather be at school
I embrace remote learning and play it cool  

Washing my hands a million times per day
Longing to go to the park and play
I am a bird in a cage
Disinfecting with lysol while I dream of the next stage

I will win this fight
Coronavirus  will be wiped out of sight
When “this”, is over
This story will be told to my grandchildren when I get older
This poem express my emotion  and feelings toward covid 19.

— The End —