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Sep 2017 · 413
-J Sep 2017
Two seeds planted closely together.
Love was our fertilizer and
We grew.

Grew a foundation.
Grew to new heights.
Grew to appreciate.
Grew to love.
Grew together.

You blossomed into
the most beautiful flower.
No man could resist
the sight of you.

But our fertilizer was low on nutrients
and just before we could get more,
You grew.
               Grew in other places.
                                                  Grew away from me.
                                                             ­                       Grew by yourself.

                                                      ­   °°°

As you leave,
I stay.
As you flourish,
I wither.

I will endure
as the seasons change
and await the day
where we will
once again grow
beside each other.

And, as hopeless as I feel about our situation, I can't help but find comfort in the fact that we still share the same roots
Sep 2017 · 187
-J Sep 2017
Your Words.
Body Language.
These are the razors that slice through the mind.
Emotional scars left in every spectrum of thought.
The cuts grew deeper - Overthinking all the time.
Razors turned to guns
and you took your shot.
You left.


Mental wounds created from what you did
how you spoke or how you acted,
those can be patched.
But what kills the most?
The bullet that is your silence

You never know how much you can hurt someone.

— The End —