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Viktoria Nov 2020
I need sleep
I can feel my spirit breaking and my insides aching
I need a breather
But when I try I lose the air in my lungs
I need a break but all I can feel is myself breaking
Viktoria Mar 2020
When she takes a breath
And realizes
She is okay
And it is okay
To be okay
So just breathe
It will be okay
Viktoria Feb 2020
I’ve come to realize I’ve given my affection to the wrong person for to long
Gave them to many chances to hurt me and then defend them
Yet I can’t stop myself from loving them like I did all those other times
Viktoria Feb 2020
I hate this overwhelming feeling
The things that hit you at once and make you start reeling
The moments you hit the floor and can’t help but start kneeling
Broken to the things that you can never quite block out.
Viktoria Feb 2020
You once asked why I didn’t have another person to share my bed with
You once asked why I didn’t have another person to share my heart with
You once asked why I was still alone
You once made it seem like you wanted to be that person
Viktoria Feb 2020
4 legs
1 tail
2 ears
1 loud bark
7 frustrating years
1 broken heart
And I wouldn’t change a thing
Viktoria Feb 2020
14 I hated you
15 I got used to you
16 I got stuck with you
16 1/2 I loved you
18 you were my world
20 you saved me
21 you left me
22 is a sad time without you
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