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Christopher L Feb 2018
We look for a person to complete us and When we find them,
we tell them about who and what broke us in order to be closer.
It's because we trust this person, we think they could be "the one"
And what says "I trust you" louder than giving them the blueprint to tearing you apart?
It's kinda like building a tower made of blocks near a 2 year old and hoping they don't knock it's like the professor giving a take home test and asking you not to use the internet or to do it with friends...
We tell this person everything that hurt us to the absolute smallest detail,
And then we give them the opportunity to do it us again, but we hope that they won't.
We hope that they won't break off a new piece of us...
we don't want them to help fix the old pieces because those are poisoned with the memories of those who failed us,
we hope that they instead give us pieces of them.
"This person is the one" we say...."I'm sure of it this time" we tell ourselves..."this time I won't end up hurt" we believe...this person isn't going to make us feel like our old, they'll be the one who makes us better.

— The End —