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He hang it on a twang
In every line he sang
It came from the deepest part of nature
Not clothed in the eloquence of stature
The low thrumming of the guitar strings
Pulled the heart stronger than any man sings
The wild wail of the violin
Scooped up the heart and pulled again
The words he crafted
Conveyed a life that had him recanted
As though he had been the sin
And life had renounced him
The artist layers deep
And in my chair I'll keep
Slowly rotating the empty glass
As these feelings around me pass
Danny wus
at de bar
as Jack an' Oi
entered de booser.

Waaat yer fellers 'avin', ?
Danny says.

Ter jars
Jack says.

So Danny
orders de bears
an' we sip our pints.

Ye 'ear Joey
went ter Belfast
ter 'av a go
at skydivin'
a farmer foun' 'im
in a tree
on de Sunday.

Waaat 'appened ter yer?
de farmer says.

Me parachute
didn't open
Joey says.

Yer shud 'av asked
de locals before
yer jumped
they wud
'av towl yer
nathin' opens
roun' 'ere
on a Sunday.

'eard it
says Jack
but 'tis
a gran' craic.
Travis Wilson Feb 25
Black and white and sepia tone
Clear distinctions to classify emotion
Passing moments, unclarified commotion
I'm sad to watch it fade away
Though I didn't feel much today
Tomorrow I'll find the filter
And I'll be sad today will wilter
Classify it with surroundings
A specific period sounding
Tie it to a visual anchor
Cars and clothing which we hankered
Markers now invisible
With these memories be indivisible
And I'll love those filters then
For the emotions they lend
Travis Wilson Dec 2020
Shall I on this path embark
Past these feelings dark
The tension grips the spine
For calm, the heart does pine
Nature says to sit and quake
And pray the Lord my soul to take
The Lord takes souls this is true
But I pray my soul he'll take through
Accompany me to the greener grass
Where nerves are no longer as weak as glass
Travis Wilson Dec 2020
Same conversation every day
But this moments passing anyway
So let's fill it with some meaning
While the day is still receding
These motions may be shallow
But we won't let the day lie fallow
For we've seen the weeds that grow
And it's enough for us to know
That a charade is better still
Than a moment left unfilled
Travis Wilson Jul 2020
My heart's moving with the violin
That slow sliding takes me back again
That kind of music tunes up with my soul
Perfectly captures my own eb and flow
Anger smoothly flows to sadness
Then moves right back, some kind of madness
Self hate mingles with condemnation
This music captures that sensation
So let me sit and contemplate these things
As the bow moves gently on those strings
Travis Wilson Jul 2020
Often have I pondered
The places I have wandered
And it's where the storms are stronger
That often stay with me.

In the heart of Minnesota
The ground will shake below ya
As the thunder rocks the Earth.

And the rain beats down in Cameroon
As strong as a monsoon
You'll hear it a mile away.

In places such as these a man will learn his place
He'll feel himself at nature's grace
As he's exposed as small.

When the sky grows dark
Deep within his soul he'll hark
And the creations of man will fade
For the Earth something bigger has made.
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