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Firebuns9 Feb 2018
Gracious Soul

You ever been asked to look into the light of the end of the tunnel…
That notion that you are just about to arrive and your feelings are all wrapped up in a bundle.
It strikes your soul, like a jolt from lighting and its thunder.
Awake it has said, awake it has struck you to a new world,
A place you were never invited, for it will cause your heart to twirl.
See what I am talking about isn’t your every day meet,
No how could it be,
This is all about that celestial soul that has extended its limbs to me to greet.
At this end you notice a difference in your life,
That won’t lead you to a dark place that you fiddle with knives,
No it will lead you to a world that has glorious emotions of warmth and little lives,

So that light that you see,
that you might sink into holes on the way to sea,
Vast and profound the ripples of your flee,
Is a sign that your strength has made you victorious,
Enlightened you are that you feel so glorious,
That in your boat you have sealed its last hole,
Since your fate has deemed you a gracious soul.
Firebuns9 Feb 2018

Flash back to that time of heartache and tears,
That with a wince from your eyes you see all your fears,
Gravitating towards you igniting a switch to be fierce,
But don’t budge, stay true, as they fall near,
Yes open your eyes because they do disappear.

With what grace or strength do they evaporate?
You may ask,
With the survivor and Gorilla in you doing its task,
They trip down, like Georgie did once IT called and it wasn’t a mask,
Face your fears and melt the shackles,
Don’t let it drown you,
Since to the world you are just…
But a few…  

Now that you see your plight deteriorating,
Look up young flower,
You are about to bloom,
A spark that was fired…
All will see it
That those who are still in the dark shall…

Be defiant, and visualize the triumph…
Firebuns9 Feb 2018
Wait My Love..

Most loneliest time in the day
Is in silence, as if the devil is lurking in the bay.
That still sensation and coldness comes around me,
From every direction, gasping for air is my fee.
It won’t just let me be
Because at this moment it has decided not let me free.

Those eyes of anguish and despair are what I see,
Piercing through my heart dropping me to my knees.
How could it reach to where I am in,
I extend out to the air hoping its a bottle of Gin.
World turning and emotions running high
That my only escape seems like I should fly.

As you can see through my words as they moist,
That I have failed at the grand stage of love,
The bird that represented my liberation was the  dove,
It no longer flies,
It no longer glides,
For me at the least it seems like it has died.

Through this road of love and failure to sing from within,
I must hope that god laid a future with you and I holding each other’s fins,
In the end
no matter the road
my only wish is for you to see that I hold true love to you with an unbreakable code.
The acts of not showing respect to the woman of my life have flooded me with the chest pain of my heart imploding.
Back to the lab I go alone, hoping at the end of the other side of the door waiting is you,
With the access code...
Firebuns9 Feb 2018
Can't explain that pain, must I share it..
For it must be that moment where you must capture it and strangle it with your dominant mits,
They devour your sane thoughts with constant dissolution of evil wits,
Come up from the hell that was put upon your shoulders,
For you are powerful enough to explode through this hell like one massive rocky Boulder!

— The End —