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After a long while with no seen,
The first vision of you reminded me of a queen,
The queen I drew in my imagination when I was a kid,
I burnt your image in my heart as I closed my eyelid,
Your red hair floating through the air,
Your white shirt on your snow-white skin … oh, my dear,
I watched you smiling mesmerized by your beauty,
Knowing in my deepest soul that I am very lucky,
To have your eyes in mine,
To drink your words as a sweet cup of vine,
I was floating in a dream, with you my loveliest dream,
Feeling dazzled, by your shiny beauty beam,
Time flew and I know that I will miss,
Your all, the goodbye was sealed with a kiss,
That reached, beyond the lips, the heart of my heart,
My most inner was shaking hit by your smooth dart,
I took with me your scent, your taste, as you left,
Victim of the ******* heart theft,
Happy, hopeful, willing to fly, is how I went,
Convinced, that it was with you, my whole life I should have spent.
Fire became ash, light faded within a flash,
A beautiful story written from scratch,
Lived fully, intensively through many years,
Going through hopes and fears,
Wonderful moments of intimacy and love we have lived,
In foreverness of such times we have believed,
Fate dug the grave of our passion,
As we walked through paths apart from our ambition,
As we parted, and it seemed that we had lost each other,
As the Phoenix burnt without giving place to another,
The emptiness took place in our hearts for a while,
Our souls though showing strong were fragile,
As we were convinced to be done,
The phoenix rose from its ashes in a dawn,
The sparkle, the taste, came back to our everyday,
The death that has frozen us has faded away,
A missing heartbeat, a wonderful smile on beloved faces,
Opening wide the gates of magic, yet unchartered places
Fear and sweet,
Let’s see and wait,
This moments are just magic,
Don’t you waist’em with panic,
In happiness I do live,
And in love I still believe,
Stay for a little while,
And brighten my day with your beautiful smile,
When I hear your laughter,
There’s no sorrow thereafter,
Your voice warm and slow,
Keeps my breath getting low,
Don’t go and leave the door always open,
Don’t close it and leave me heart stolen

You’ve been always the man I thought of,
since you’ve talked to me I’m like a loaf,
flowing in winds of wavering,
above seas of suffering,
blind with flashes of pain,
wet through the heart with despair’s rain,
asking myself : what do I want from tis life ?
a rose or a knife ?
happiness or sadness ?
coming together or loneliness ?
answering myself : I want this both and all,
the spring and the fall,
the dark and the light
the day and the night,
dear, I want you and I don’t want you,
I love you and I don’t love you,
I just really don’t know what to answer,
to tell no, I don’t have the power,
to tell yes, I am still wandering,
wondering and wondering and wondering,
if I shall live alone,
if I shall keep my heart rough as a stone,
or if we shall have a real relationship,
going thus together through the life’s trip,
I really must decide, which of the life’s trains I have to ride,
this will may be take a lot of time,
but if you love me, just wait for my sign.


I know all your feelings my dear,
I’m also living heartbreak and fear,
but a big difference between us remains,
even if we’re sharing sorrows and pains,
I know which road I want to follow,
I know that I want you to be my fellow,
for the best and the worst,
sharing the least and the most,
if you don’t know where you are,
just don’t let your mind go too far,
try to discover what or who you need,
think about it without hast or speed,
take your time and I will wait,
‘cause you’ll find the way soon or late,
till then I’ll keep the hope,
sinking, waiting for the saving line you’ll drop
In front of you,
Annoyed, bothered, fed up nothing new,
You breath my air and mask my view,
Ears up an eyes wide open ,
Nothing you spot is ever forgotten,
Eagle eyes and tiger ears,
You became the worst of my fears,
Even my whispers are analyzed,
My every move is scrutinized,
I am kept prisoner with no jail,
Heaven knows I hide well my mail,
But sooner or later, you’ll find the trail,
No matter how smart I’ll be you’ll get the “news”,
So fleeing away from you is no lose
Slogui strange name it sounds;
Its meaning though has no bounds,
It’s a lie that so perfectly said, and hard to check,
That you believe it, to avoid a sure headache,
Slougui means greyhound (),
You can run after it, almost reach it then goes around,
Close and far, catch it if you can,
You will never, whatever is your plan,
It is a lie dressed with the truth,
It is a piece of sh
t dressed smooth,
Respect the slougui’s masters,
Those for who the word “true” never matters

) In Morrocan spoken langage
As the thunder strikes and the clouds gather,
And the sad sky begins to suffer,
Pouring big tears in a silent cry,
I remembered my mom in a wink of an eye,
Overwhelmed by emotion my heart heaved a big sigh,
My dearest mom is far and ill,
And I cannot even handle her the smallest pill,
Her love, pure, unconditional is always inside,
Whatever I go through, her face is in my mind,
The thought of you being sick is unbearable,
No matter what image the others see, I am never stable,
I can do nothing but to beg the God,
To heal you soon, to take me away from the fear flood,
I trust the Lord and I keep hope,
That this nightmare will soon stop
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