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Jeff White Dec 2019
Sometimes words are worthless
When emotion’s power
Kills the voice
Or stops the pen

Feelings so strong
Expression impossible
Yet I try

I wish my voice were water
That could bathe you in a feeling
I wish this ink were blood
So you could read a part of my being
Jeff White Dec 2019
So much to look forward to
So much between me and you
All the things we’re gonna do
I can’t wait to make them true

Squeezing lemons, dance-offs too
Road trips, camping, skies of blue
Stuck together just like glue
I can’t wait til time comes through

Into my life my soulmate flew
Hope and love are born anew
I can’t wait to make it true
That’s why I can wait forever for you
Jeff White Dec 2019
Only one thing is true
My reality centers on you
Please never say goodbye

You’re more than my world
You’re my sails unfurled
In your breath I sail the sky

No Beauty, no grace
Compares to your face
Or the love in your voice

I hear you sing
You’ve become everything
To love you is not a choice
Jeff White Dec 2019
Your eyes are my bible
I search them for meaning
And discover new religion

When faith was gone
I found reason
To open my heart

Gazing at the sky
Seeing the other end of the universe
We feel so small

In your eyes
Holds much more depth
And in that universe we are not lost

We are the center
That holds the world together
Your eyes are my bible

I read them to find meaning
And I find unshakable faith
In us
Jeff White Dec 2019
A soul left torn and stained
The wreckage that remains
That is I

A shattered jewel of love
Fallen angel from above
That is you

The pieces fit together
A bond that lasts forever
Create a perfect one from two

— The End —