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Cristyann Oct 2019
I'm sorry,
I said
And you begin to
shut me out of
your life.
Cristyann Oct 2019
Undecidable, but still working on it,
to see what career I  need to be
and luring others help to find it.
Cristyann Jul 2019
She was sitting in her bed watching some videos,
when her things inside her room started to move,
book's and papers begun to scattered in the floor,
the bed started to shake like there's no tomorrow.

It was a an earthquake experience.
some people welcome the tragedy that happen
giddy as children, others felt the lurching and
spat on their guts,
A chasm has open from one day to the next.
Cristyann Jul 2019
She want to get back from those days filled with joy,
A joy that make her alive from a hatred she kept,
A hatred that she kept for years from those people
Who make her miserable from the inside, the reason
why that pain marks her helpless heart.
Cristyann Jul 2019
She's alone in the dark filled with dust
that makes her suffocate from the inside
She want to scream to lure some help
but no one can hear her from those pain.
Cristyann Jun 2019
After 8 years of our partnership in dancing,this is the time for us to be apart..

Yet I'm still glad that i met you even though we had a little fight sometimes while dancing..

And I'm thankful that we had this wonderful journey together and our ambition to win on the dance floor..

It's really hard to accept this situation that you and i will study in different school in this year.

You will attend a new city  to begin your new journey and im left alone in our old school..

But still, the words that i didn't say to you before you go. that i have a feeling towards you..

And i have no strenght to say it to you, cause i know you already found your one and true love.
Cristyann Dec 2018
I whispered
As you
Shut the door behind you...
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