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You will be the Sun and the Stars
And I the moon
and we will drift through the abyss
of the nebulas
and through our galactic path
our love will shine so intense
it illuminated the darkness of space
and gave life to all the Celestials
He was the peaceful sea anemone
and she the radiant clownfish
residing her flesh and spirit
in the soothing tentacles
of his loving aura

their existence was symbiotic
a harmonious mutualism
with their souls
eternally entwined
in a beautiful unison
which was  proclaimed
by the mighty Seas
of the Atlantic
Take note of the typography of the poem. There is a hidden meaning in the typography.
I wrote this
At exactly 01:13
On the 9th of July
I am not crazy
Nor am I mad
But in my absence
This is my way of showing to you
My NeuRose

That I care about you
That I adore you
That I admire you
That I cherise you
And worship every part
Of your beautiful existence

When you wake up
This early  morning
Know that I love you
Not just any love
Unconditional and ever so true
And never doubt that NeuRose
For a woman of the initials L.L Masoga
for he was no more
and was now just a fragment
of the complex crystal
which was her memory

his soul ascended
scattering into miniscule droplets
integrating ever magnificently
with the clouds above

from this fateful day
the love they once shared
would  now forever exist
in the skies and heavens

and on every rainy day
when the clouds would part
the droplets of his soul
would caress her cheeks

as a soothing reminder
of the tender love and care
she once received
from his mortal being
As the rising morning sun
shines its immaculate rays
on a field of sunflowers
these flowers , they awaken
from their nocturnal slumber
and ever so slowly
they spread their petals
and gaze upon the Sun

For in the Sun
they found an eternal source
of life , hope and warmth
And just like the Sun
will my soul tirelessly
shine upon hers forever
giving life , love and warmth
to this Sunflower , deeply rooted
within the crevices of my heart
From birth
Love is taught to us
As being Truthful
Unconditional and Everlasting
A feeling that warms your every fibre
Igniting your inner being

But if love, was  truly so immaculate
Being able to withstand All
Why does it still fade?
As time passes?
Why does undying love
Always get replaced by hurt and pain?

The answer, is one so sad

True love
As written in many literature
Rarely exists
True love is slowly being replaced
By a new love

This New love is pretense
A whole gamble of comprise
A business deal between two souls
No longer an eternal union
Of aura, body and mind
This New love
Harbors no true emotions
No true feelings
Once again, just pretense
As the light of the moon
illuminate my face
the dormant thoughts
trapped in the confines
of my mental cage
become invoked
and a sad realisation
send the deepest chills
down my backbone


my soul is imprisoned
in a husk , that once housed a man
and my  caliginous eyes
reflect the decades of pain
endured by a soul
a soul so deeply damaged
by the hurt of the unforgiving Earth...
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