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Dulce Berkowitz Jul 2021
Why I can't I get over you?
You were an amazing partner... but you kicked me out like I was yesterday's trash...

I ****** up... but I'm still trying, nothing physical ever happened because I love you and respect you.

But you don't seem to care. I did always plan on telling you, but someone robbed me of that chance. How can you trust me when I was robbed of that chance..
Dulce Berkowitz Jul 2021
I was stupid and I was careless..

But my love for you is pure, and I hope one day we can get past this.
And yet deep down in my gut I know it's over.

But it doesn't feel like it's over, I don't know why.
I haven't stopped crying, and I wish I knew how to read you. I wish I knew what you were thinking.
I've never fought for someone before and it scares me to know we might be done.
But baby I swear I'm trying.
Just please don't tell me it's over. I can't lose you...
Dulce Berkowitz Jul 2021
The day you asked me to pack my bags, my whole world fell apart.
I feel like I'm stuck in limbo trying to find my way back home to you,
Maybe I should just face the facts that maybe you don't love me anymore and move on?
But I can't...  and I don't know-how.

You always held me close and guided me when I was lost.
Somewhere along the way, I forgot who I was.
I stopped taking care of myself and unknowingly relied on you to nurture me.

Who am I without you?
Maybe that's why I'm trying so hard to hang on to you?

Maybe I need to lose you to find myself? But how do I do that when I'm still in love with you?

I can't just erase those beautiful six years we spent together, where we began planning our future together, where I started shopping for our home. Who am I without you?
I'm just a lost soul, trying to find her way home.
Dulce Berkowitz Nov 2017
There will be a soft rain and the smell of the ground and swallow circling with the shining sound and frogs in the pools singing at right and wild plumps trees in quivering white Robins will were there feathery fire. Whistling their whims on a low fence-wire; and not one will know  of the war, no one will care at lost when it’s done no one will mind, neither birds or trees will be making perished uteri; and spring herself when she awakes at down would secretly now that were done.
Dulce Berkowitz Nov 2017
Some say the world will end in fire
some say in ice
from what I’ve tasted of desire
I stand with those who are forever fire
but I know enough of hate
to say for the distraction ice
is also great
and would be enough.
Dulce Berkowitz Nov 2017
Three weeks ago, I him I saw him I saw him in a new scene.
He turned around and said he knew me.
He said I told you it was a secret.

Now I’m lying in bed up awake in the middle of the night.
I have got a few things on my mind.
I guess is just that I don’t like the way things are going to turn out.
I have to find away to take this hear t and start again.
Dulce Berkowitz Mar 2015
Your mind is something so
unfathomable to be.
I want to explore the depths
of most vacant hours
let me carve my name into
your heart so I remain a
part of you forever.
I’ll read the poetry you keep
hidden beneath your scars-
I’ll live in the dark cathedrals
of your thoughts so the
voices that torture you can’t
wash waves of melancholy
over your skeletal.

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