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J L Bell Jul 2019
As our journeys bob and weave
Our paths I hope do sometimes meet
An if we plant another seed
May a flower of love grow finally
J L Bell Jul 2019
I cannot sleep
My mind keeps racing
Just figures, you’re my peace
The smart *** that keeps me on my knees
You’re a cluster **** **** in a windstorm
Yet I know you’ll find your way
Tomorrow after all is just another day

Whether paths are close or journey so far
My friendship will never stray from
where you are
There’s built a bond between us two
I know not why and neither do you
I truly thank God
for introducing me to you
J L Bell Jul 2019
I love you on levels
How great are the voids
I give you your space
And them atta’ boys
Sometimes you’re open
Other times brisk
Every bone in my body says
you are worth any risk
Just an evening of you reading to me. By far the best T. Time
J L Bell Jul 2019
I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel.
Everyday trying to learn
the right coping skill.
In the night my head races
With so many faces
So many places
Day by day I’m told
That’s all well and good
But even that gets old
My right now right now
Has me thinking, doing &
Living different ways.
One thing that remains ever taunting me
The love I have for another.
Never seeming to be just enough
Who knows when those boots will
Kick up dust.
I’ll wish him well
Smile and wave
No tear will drop
Not one little bit
Not until he’s no longer in sight.
I’ll send him with warm wishes
Yet cry myself goodnight.
Just like a strong woman should
J L Bell Jul 2019
Meeting you changed my life.
The end was painful
like a cut from a knife
Now I’ve met someone new.
I see it’s true,
I wasn’t meant for you.
I’m happy and free
because he truly sees me.
He is the kind of man you could never be.
J L Bell Jul 2019
Lately the stars aren’t shining as bright since your love said goodnight.
The suns sweet hot rays have been cold and dark since you took away your heart.
All there is to comfort me tonight are the memories of our love
and the warmth from my heart.
The tears will soon fade and my heart will grow strong, but there will always be the love for you even though you’re gone.
J L Bell Jul 2019
The night is still I can almost see the day.
I feel the sun wanting to come shine on my heart again, but it’s too far away.
I’m afraid that it will not return to my life.
Maybe I’m not listen hard enough or is he here now and I just can’t feel his light?
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