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Starkeeper Oct 20
life's a stage
Full of acting and doubt
We're put in a cage
always pushing and pulling
Just wanting to get free
Just wanting to get out
This is obviously inspired by Shakespeare's The world's a stage, I was watching dead poets society and i came up with it when Neil was about to **** himself,it's how I felt Neil felt when he was about to **** himself,or at least the sad side of how he felt
Starkeeper Oct 2018
They want me to be me,
but not the me that I am
They want the me
that they need me to be

They want me to be they're fan
The one person they think is perfect
The me that they want me to be

They think I means you
and me means I,
because you want me
to be the me that needs you

And if I need you,
you think I want you
and then you seem to think
that I am lower than you

So why am I selfish
for wanting to be me
when you don't know you
So you try to be me,
but you don't know me

And you don't care do you
You don't know you
and you don't know me
but  all you really want

Is for me to be you,
because you means someone else
and me depends on who's talking

So next time you tell someone else
that you don't like me,
remember that me
also means you

And when you tell me
that I don't like him,
remember that him
also means you
This might not make sense, but it makes sense to me.
Starkeeper Oct 2018
I want reality to become blurred
And fague
I want the rules to be broken
Or changed
I want magnificent beings to spring into existence
I want wonderous magic to appear in an instance

I want, I need
My Life
To become
My Dream
Sometimes I want to jump into a book to join it's wonderful world
Starkeeper Oct 2018
You're eyes glow with a sparkle more rare than the shine of pure emerald glittering in the warmth of the  sun's rays.

You're hair rides the tides of the breeze like the waves on a beach flowing in the presence of you're beauty.

With a beauty that cannot be described by the way of words and that can only be upheld next to the pure heart that  rests beating softly behind you're chest.

Seemingly controlled by you're smile I find myself with a grin whenever you enter my mind.

I ask that you observe these words from the heart as you would the star filled sky, for that is where they have come from.
From the heart and not from the mind.

I am the star keeper
That sees far and wide
For I see you
The brightest star in the sky

— The End —