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Alex Aug 5

                              i wonder, i wonder
                                                           i wander

                      down the cottages in rows
                                          down the roads away from home

                                                           ­       i think, and i think
                                    thoughts collapse into ink
                                when i blink

               stars afloat in tepid eyes
                                      each a ticking bomb
                                                planted by the sky
Old. From 2018
Alex Apr 2018
an event.
"that went well" i think
an embarrassing line here or there
but overall its pretty clear
i didnt do bad
no need to despair.

24 hours
is all that it takes
for thoughts to wind themselves as snakes

a fool.
annoying, stupid
ugly, unwanted, bore
whirlwind mind I can't ignore

examine each blurred sentence
each offstep
every forgotten word
or errant laugh

maybe ill hide
face unseen
its quite obvious
I wasn't wanted here
must be pity
regret for each there.

24 hours
thats all it takes
to go from content
to this inner torment
April 16 /2018 --- Social interactioin is hard.. I wish I could enjoy it without hating myself to hell and back afterwatds
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