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A history of turning the Is to Was
Infamously turning Shall into Should've
Does anything under its rule ever truly last
Forever involved in burning the present to past

Turning but boys to kings on thrones
Then those very kings, into the stuff of bones
We believe we are but it's pawns and dust
But then again what is Time without us

An entity of space, of simply odd devices
An entity of life, of an oddly simple  crisis
To make a moment stand still, a gift so fine
But then again what are we without Time
I have always loved physics. In physics, the concept of time has been the most intriguing of subjects to me. This poem is just an internal philosophical dialogue about the same. It's one of many!
May this year too modest seem, 

 to all your achievements hold

May your joy from time past 

 increase tenfold 

May you become your own

purposive hesh

And at time discover wonders afresh

You have much to give, remember to accept

The greatness about you, is in your depth

May luck and faith, into your life integrate

May you always experience the sweetest of fates

At this world's behest

I wish for you, and you the same deserve,

Nothing, but the very best...
Our lives are what we owe you
   Them being but a testament to yours
Few are as patient in giving
   And in our prosperity making sure

Steep has been the ascent in light
    We couldn't be prouder indeed
You've taught us to uphold the Right
     Of how to in adversity proceed

We find it not gratitude misplaced
When such is hope sown and sorrow erased
Bringing thus both insight and ace sagacity
Thou hast gone, above and beyond
     The ringing call of duty    

Wisdom of the aged, yet at heart so
Of an open mind and a love for fun
With perspective in the plural and of
    talents unique

Our lives are what we owe you
Our love forever and always yours...
The day itself was a question
From the start nothing was clear,
The rain lightly fell,
As the sun Pondered weather or not to take part in the days usual routines, I pondered the same question.

The sun and I rose and took on the day. The sun gave me a beautiful day and I gave others love. Love in the form of small novelties and stuffed animal's.

We all watched it happen, the teddies, the sun, and I
None of us spoke from the shock
I drove away as the blue and red lights engulfed the area
The teddies watched as the sun and I cried for the life that was lost

— The End —