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Flynn Jan 2016
Never thought it would come this far
Never though I'd fall so hard
Never thought I'd leave you scars
Tragedy inside your mind
If only I could find
Some way to reconcile
I can no longer endure this exile
I die everyday I'm deprived your smile.
Old stuff
Flynn Nov 2015
Lying in the sand
Holding your hand
Burning while trying to tan
Just staring at your face
Yearning for a taste.
Flynn Nov 2015
Beneath the moonlit sky
we try to say good bye
But I had to much fun,
It's so hard to be done
The thought of leaving your warm embrace causes me to shiver
In my car we sit, waiting out this winter
I have work in three hours and have been saying goodnight for even  more.
Its so hard to let you go
even though I know
in merely a few hours
more memories will be ours
Flynn Nov 2015
You may be wacky
but you never dress tacky
Ever since I saw you in those roller skates
I knew where my soul gravitates
Your soft touch can vanquish the dark stuff
A smile so bright, I'll never need a light
Sometimes I am awestruck and stumble for words like a mute
Gosh, how are you so **** cute
Your face is a reflection of perfection
and with you I hope I am destined.
Flynn Nov 2015
Your hair flows gracefully in the moonlit breeze
A touch so tender it brings me to my knees
A whit much sharper then the finest blades
You are to complex, you can't be immitated
Without you I am restless
Your kisses never fail to leave me breathless
Your beautiful face tells me no lies
With time, you've opened my eyes
Whilst waiting for my vision to clear,
You've shown me there is nothing to fear
You've led me through a door
Now with you, life I will explore
You will forever be my prize
Even after my demise
Flynn Nov 2015
So many times I felt I had loved
I never really knew what it meant until I met you
Knowing everything about you
and everything that you do
Looking for any excuse to walk away from you
Yet being unable to

Mesmerized by your face
as much as your embrace
I have told you that I was afraid of you
I've never been so vulnerable
Yet all you've been is true
And I've held you so dear, my only fear
was making you dissapear

Without you I am Incomplete,
just like this poem
Flynn Nov 2015
Every moment spent with you is a gift
It causes me to drift
Beneath the moonlight we sit
Reality disappears and it is soon very clear
That it's only you I wish to be near.
That little voice of yours...
Soft and soothing like a moonlit breeze
Smile so bright.
It warms me like the summers sun light
Drunk off your touch
I can't ever get enough
Sometimes I feel as though I stare too much
But, I love the way the stars glisten in those beautiful eyes
I just hate when the sun starts to rise
For it's too soon and followed with good byes.
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