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SneaklyFox Dec 2020
This way to Dead End Street
I saw the signs say
But the next one said
No U-Turn
Or I might have put that one up

I dread what I will find
When once I reach the end
No matter how fast or slow I tread
There's only one direction I can go
To the end of Dead End Street

It is inevitable
So I turn my focus
From its existence to its manner
For what does the horizon show
When I approach this cliff?
Still I am crawling
On the path of Dead End Street

Over the final view
I take in my last breath and plunge
Down past the fence
Of Dead End Street

It wasn't the end as I had feared
In falling I found my release
At the fence of Dead End Street
SneaklyFox Sep 2019
crashing down down
daggers splitting flesh and bone
piercing every part of me
holes in my skin
but what oozes out of me
drips to the ground
red mixed with gold
blood and light
love spilling everywhere
how long 'til i'm empty?
SneaklyFox Sep 2019
Once a living fire
Now a dying fire

There lingered a poor ember among the ashes
Poker in my hand, I stoked the fading flames
Just to behold a weak burst of light
With no force of will of its own

I set the poker down beside me
And watched the final flicker
Transfixed on what remained
Its last breath reflected in diamonds brimming

Without my hand it dies
And shivering, I close my eyes
A single tear escapes like a creek
Down a dry bed of cheek

Light extinguished
Darkness anguished
SneaklyFox Oct 2018
I close my eyes to a world of light
To enter a land that gives me sight
Into the deep crevices of this old mount
No obscure thing beyond true count
Before every view that emerged in the mind
I ached with all my strength to find
That one object my heart doth seek
As lost as I beyond this silent peak
Into the distance your footprints spread
"She wants to be found," the old man said
Following each step ere I learned to walk
Tripping down the sandy turf and rock
There stood you beside the foamy reef
Your eyes sank far into your grief
Tears fell crashing with a reason
Yet I felt the restraint of the season
What was to be done as we stood still
Between the sea and a wind blown chill?
Did I know what would take hold
When I at last dared to break the cold?
Hesitating, reaching, my being drew yours near
In that moment I knew no more fear
The memory of long past was the truth of the now
For I had not changed, I know not how
Embracing your frame as though I had never
And again my lips tasted the salt of that river
So long since I had traversed these lands
Yet not forgotten as I clasped your hands
Bringing them to meet my feeling
Momentously washing your fingers with healing
I covered each one with a freeing balm
Until the last exquisite one, then calm
SneaklyFox Oct 2018
I heard you thinking on the other side.  And the flashes of neurons left me thunderstruck when your words boomed.
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