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SN Sep 2018
Sometimes the wind sighs
And I remember
Through a haze far away
Rising like a swelling tide
That rolls in and out over my insides

You chase butterflies bare handed
Always coming up empty
Until the storm comes
Your dilated pupils the sea's breath held still
Shimmering anticipation in the eye of the storm

The wind sweeps withering words
Seething at the edges
Flaring up in wild expectation
Like dark and nervous whispering
Black fanged, angry and terrified

Lashing out as gales
Tormenting the waters
Tearing and screeching
Screaming until it dies away
Leaving behind a small voice in tatters
Broken on the rocks of a wilder sea
Where calm is just an enemy in a different shade of blue
SN Aug 2018
There's still no answer
No sense of continuity
Just streaming defeat and acceptance
Where the void yells and I scream back
To find I've been having arguments with emptiness

So back to front projected on a silver screen
With my eyes behind blinded by the light
That whites out what I'm supposed to see
The room is white with shadows grey
As I compress out of any dimensionality

Neither sticks nor bones
Skin like leaves strewn by the wind
I own no body but a mind unknown
There's noise and static
And the fear I feel is my own

Everything attracting to a singular point
Stretching out into a vortex that tunnels
Calling out my name so it can carry my feet
I'm afraid of the coming singularity
Knowing the floor will be cold

So I'll breathe out your name
And say a prayer even if I don't believe
Through cold I'll walk
To let the fraying arms gather me
And tether me to the rest of oblivion
Where forsaken lay
The faded parts of a body that I used to know
SN Aug 2018
Lost on white streets
Hanging in between buildings and the eerie
Afternoon air that holds a promise of the gathering dark

The young eyes darting over the place
A growing mind that goes bump in the night
On unsteady legs watching meaning colour beside the lines

Then a flash of lightning sets off a schism
A slash, division down to the deep middle
Pilot light blinking as it drifts of into neural space

Left to grow stunted in isolation
Animal protocol takes over
Unusual growth detected, quarantine affected parts

Discontinuing memory lines 0 to 13
Incoming sensory override
Reboot soul system

Initiating memory dump
Re-awakening neural connections
Re-routing discontinued channels



Systems online
Current memory line: 29
Review memory dump?


SN Aug 2018
They say Sleep's the cousin of Death
I wonder who his parents are
Is Coma his little sister?
Who's grandpa?
And what is a nap?
SN Aug 2018
What haunts the day goes back to slumber
As sleeping ghosts rise up to greet the night
Where the light of the sun illuminates
They draw from air, spheres of darkness
Pulsing with an indifferent hunger
Without mercy, without anger
To wake something you hid from the light
Coaxing it out with their timeless patience
Like snake charmers of a personal night
Entranced, bewitched, under a spell

What comes out between your ribs
Curled up tight, a little ball containing ****
Unfurling slowly, open mouth and out come the fangs
Dripping poison, dripping blood
You have to hold it in your hands
Stillborn and shaking
Still torn from waking
Half alive is never living

You feel as helpless as what's in your arms
Wondering why it had to be like this
And why they come at night
To make you bear what is unbearable
***** you bare from what you think you are
Until ***** skin is rend from bone
Revealing parts that turned to stone
It makes you feel at your most alone
When what you're holding in your weaker arms
Is what used to be your home

I've pleaded often
On knees begging until screaming I felt my throat turn sore
Until it dawned on me what I was holding
What they were showing
It was me that held the key
And it is me that has to open the door
To find that long lost loss of mine, make amends and say goodbye
Perhaps finding a way home once more
SN Aug 2018
Live with the shadows
I'm on that corner
Or high behind the window
Of an anonymous tall building
I'm the passerby in the meadow
One you watch disinterested from afar
I live in a shadow
Though sunlight may reach me
Where I am darkness is never far

Sleeping like dogs
On friendly terms with my nightmares
I'm learning to love all who reside in my head
Good at sleeping away the days
I've slept so long I've forgotten how to wake
Four little pills and I'm away
Some would say this is ****
But it's all I've ever known

I'm in tranquil dreams now
No background noise
Calm and peaceful
Like a mote of dust
In sunlight suspended
Before I disappear
SN Aug 2018
If words were a painting
I’d paint me a scene
A long solitary road
Surrounded by green

I’d make every ****** a melody
That you’d hear in the leaves
Of a whisper that the wind blows
In the deep sea of trees

Every now and then
A traveler
Would come along with the breeze

Becoming part
Of a harmony
Before drifting back in
To the stream

As if it were a dream
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