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SkyeWolfe Dec 2021
Tis a life of many agonies
Filled with constant tragedies
Subject to such brutalities
And reaching our capacities
We seek some new realities
Then flee into our fantasies
To avoid our own mortalities
SkyeWolfe Nov 2021
It's not that I never loved you
Your love just outgrew my own
It's not that I never tried to
I tried so hard I broke apart
It's not that I wanted better
I knew you deserved better
It's not that I wanted to leave
You are better off without me
SkyeWolfe Nov 2021
These villains in my mind
Are plotting my demise
Thoughts all intertwined
And only filled with lies

They want my life to end
And sometimes so do I
So desperate for a friend
Just to look me in the eye

And tell me that they care
That life is still worth living
So long as they are there
SkyeWolfe Jun 2021
I was not made to be your shadow clone,
apart of you but unbarably alone,
you body double your perfect clone,
we are a race a human once,
no matter the gender the preference the color of ones skin,
the human race is dying and what I regret is going down without fighting,
we have an infinity of knowledge within our very hands,
the internet is freedom from this eternal hell,
we amassed a store of knowledge to pass down to generations, this is our library of Alexandria,
every generation having the guidance of those who came before them,
I might be living day by day but I'm forever hoping, that one of us will take the charge but knowing I'm the one to do it,
this is desperate cry to anyone who hears me, remember that no matter what the trust that is forged in the fires is what matters,
if you are all talk and no game doesn't that make you insane,
you are living theses double lives,
let's **** it be ***** on main,
I don't care who you say that you are I only care about who your truly are,
I don't care how pretty your ad is all I care about is would you help a kid find where there dad is,
but not just a farther a mother or whatever other labels people put on family,
family is two people who trust each other enough to know that they won't be stabbed in the back,
we are curious creatures that's why we evolved, always asking how so next time you get annoyed at that kid remember you were once them,
we are evolving still just look at it every generation does crazier ****,
but let's stop all the backstabbing and hatred to friends,
who is really at blame,
why did we accept it was normal to hate school, hate your work,
hate your family,
hate yourself,
who would accept such a reality so I will fight with everything I have in me to find a place called home, be it my bed or a book or a videogame,
I need to be able to fail with the ability to restart,
we have the technology,
we have the future in our hands like a rope we're holding on and there's no way that I'm letting go, there is this voice inside of me telling me what I should be but the walls that they built keep confining me,
don't you know what happens to fuel when it's put under pressure,
one little spark an your set of a temper inside of me that I had no idea was so ******* mean,
but at this moment you are the child to me,
you made us as fuel for your economy so when we are all dying that's what your ******* think,
we should have been over this slavery thing if you guys would stop using it for profiting,
we are a race a human one and will you be proud when it's all said and done?
SkyeWolfe May 2020
A whisper in the wind
A shadow on the floor

It feels like she's right here
It felt like something more

I thought that she was real
I believed that we could soar
SkyeWolfe May 2020
A voice sweet like honey And soft like rain
Makes the world sunny and takes away pain

Words so calm and thoughts so deep
Stop any qualm so you can sleep

The voice of an angel, and heart of a saint
SkyeWolfe Jun 2019
Sadness to joy is a road to be taken
Not just a move to a new destination

You can not go straight from sadness to joy
You must make a path and habits destroy

But it is the simplest path we all are after
And the simplest path to joy is laughter
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