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SkyeWolfe Apr 24
You cannot live without dreaming
but dreaming is not living
SkyeWolfe Apr 1
I want to turn back time
Just to make you mine

Was too shy to say it first
Too late so now it hurts

Now you are so numb
And I am feeling dumb

Should have said I love you
When I had the chance to

My biggest life regret
Wish I could reset

You will be my world
Even when I'm old
If I had been bold
Wouldn't be this cold
SkyeWolfe Mar 15
Don't know who I am
Or what I want to do
Brain has gone to mush
I only think of you
SkyeWolfe Mar 15
My broken heart
Still beats for you
I'll play the part
A lovestruck fool
SkyeWolfe Mar 14
My brain is filled
With thoughts of you

My heart it aches
And beats for you

My love so deep
I'm drawn to you

My life is dull
When not with you

My goal in life
Is loving you
SkyeWolfe Mar 4
A hole in my heart
Shaped perfectly you
A hole in my heart
There's nothing to do

A hole in my heart
It won't go away
A hole in my heart
It's here to say

A hole in my heart
The bottomless pit
A hole in my heart
Just you can fit

A hole in my heart
No end to the pain
A hole in my heart
I can not stay sane

A hole in my heart
Then one in my brain
SkyeWolfe Mar 4
I'm always yours
No matter what
This broken heart
Is yours to cut

I belong to you
This much is true
My soul your thing
To make or break

You stole my heart
A broken mess
You're the reason
I do not rest

My only hopes
And lonely thoughts
Are all of you
Of my princess

Your heart is hurting
So just use mine
I'll keep it beating
For my divine

You cut me deep
And choose to hide
My heart it yearns
To be by your side

You cannot fathom
The depth of love
My heart is yours
Fits like a glove

Always yours
And nothing more
To use and abuse
Or just ignore

Not matter want
I'll still be here
With thoughts of you
And eyes of tears

I've tried to run
But it's no use
You have me tied
Up with a noose

Just give the word
I'll take that step
My life is yours
Each shallow breath

One sided love
It hurts the best
My greatest drug
It beats the rest

I'm always high
On my destress
A broken heart
And life a mess

Use what's left
Just as you please
Because after you
I'll find my rest

I'm always yours
My love it's true
Always yours
What will you do

An extra life
Is what you have
For your heart
When feeling sad

Break this heart
It's meant for you
Destroy this life
To help your through

The world is tough
My arms are soft
Hide in my love
When life is rough

Not cost for this
My heart is free
But just for you
My sweet squishy
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