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Carter Carter Aug 2018
You know what makes people thoughtful?
Eating waffles,
Whether they are frozen or homemade,
They always give the potential to create,
Peanut butter and honey?
Or drown it with syrup so that it's runny?
Nutella and sliced strawberries?
Or cover it with **** cherries?
Sliced banana or sugar powder?
Oh the choices in my brain are getting louder!
Toast it and slap on some cream cheese?
Or maybe stack a fortress as you please?
Pour on a rich caramel sauce?
Forget about the rising cost!
But if you turn with glee
To ask me,
I'll just mutter,
"Please pass the butter."
Carter Carter Jul 2018
"I sit at the kitchen table,
mulling over my dreams and fables,
softly holding a cup of peppermint tea,
watching the scarlet skies meet the mountains of green,
I wondered if today's sufferings,
would come back in the morning,
or if they would go down with the setting sun,
never to return, like a hit-and-run,
the wind meanders through the trees,
I glance down at my weathered knees,
they had succumbed to a dull ache,
hungry for the evening break,
but I needed to pay my dues,
for that I suffered a bruise or two,
as long as I could lift my head,
I would always have bread,
my little ones would be fed,
tucked away in their warm beds."
Carter Carter Jun 2018
"Intrigue gives me a flirtatious gaze,
Mystery puts my mind in a haze,
I take long walks with deception,
The shadows change my perception,
I'm the ruler of the crows,
The son of a Rose,
I live in the house of mourning,
I take solace when its storming,
I scrape off the pieces of my mind,
That I tried to leave behind,
I'm haunted by the memories,
Of my first time treachery,
I play cards with Chance and Fate,
I roll the dice of Love and Hate,
I'm in a dance with my dreams,
Every time I step forward she turns to leave,
She's a lady with a white watch,
And she's all I got..."
Carter Carter Jun 2018
"I'm swimming in the garden of my thoughts,
My heart is planted in a cracked ***,
Its afflicted by the disease of the soul,
That feels like a grinding pole,
My conscience is buried under ground,
Screaming out but I didn't hear a sound,
My legs are writhing in twisted thorns,
And my arms are hollowed out by the worms,
My gleaming eyes are pecked out by the crows,
The only thing left is my tattered clothes,
And my spirit lay chained to a rotting pumpkin,
Tottering around as if it was drunken,
The sun bleaches the bones of my desires,
Seeping my strength and leaving me tired,
My ruminations are blown away in the wind,
As if meticulous hands were keeping them trimmed,
I clamp my ears against the whispering voices,
Their insidious ideas are a dripping poison,
Suddenly I blink, and scratch my face,
I didn't know my mind was such a desolate place..."
Carter Carter May 2018
"I sit in a grand oak tree,
I wonder if it knows it's me?
It's halfway through June,
And it's been long since noon,
I spent the hour climbing up its strong limbs,
I couldn't help but give away a grin,
The leaves would playfully slap at my face,
Before they would settle back into place,
The woodpecker gave a startled look,
As I disturbed him from his quiet nook,
And the passing bumblebee,
Eyed me curiously,
But finally I reached my spot,
Quite comfortable and out of earshot,
And I snoozed the day away,
Feeling the whisper of the wind where I lay,
Shuffling the leaves like a deck of cards,
And swaying the branches over my yard,
Watching the sun slowly slip down,
I gave out a small frown,
For my day was slipping away like the sun,
It was like a tearful goodbye to a loved one,
Soon rose the silvery moon,
And I had to leave soon,
I whispered to the tree goodbye,
I'll try to be back for sunrise."
Carter Carter May 2018
"Grandad how I can be like you?
I've tried and I don't have a clue,
He smiled tenderly and said,
Son, all you need is a suit and to use your head,
But grandad my head is full of lead,
And I don't understand what you said,
Let me explain, then you can use your brain;
You need a pocket full of dreams,
Imagination sown into the seams,
You need a checkered tie,
That won't let you lie,
You need a black vest,
That lets you do your best,
You need to turn down your collar,
So you won't look like a brawler,
You need a striped shirt,
So you can learn how to flirt,
He winked,
And the boy blinked,
You need a leather belt,
So your heart stays strong and won't melt,
You need a fine pair of trousers,
So you don't become a coward,
Some polka dotted socks,
So you can be as sharp as a fox,
A silver watch,
To keep you away from the scotch,
And a slick pair of shoes,
So you'll never see the blues,
And you'll do mighty fine,
and show the world your shine."
Carter Carter May 2018
"Let me tell you about a magical land,
Buried a long time ago by the sands,
Where night owls
Eerily howl,
Where evergreens glow,
And mountains grow,
Where the newborns are old,
And the old won't listen to what they are told,
Where it rains upside down,
And the thunder makes hardly a sound,
Where they celebrate strife,
And cry at new life,
Where fish jumped in nets,
And the pious made bets,
Where foxes had wings,
And bears talking was a thing,
Where the flowers grew on clouds,
And the people lived in purple mounds,
Yes, this was in a land long ago,
Only remembered by the crows."
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