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Hope Lee Sep 2019
Once upon a time
That's how fairy tale start right?
All of those happy one's at least.
They all end in happy ever afters.

Life isn't like that
There are never any happy ever afters
Not really
there are just tragedies and horror stories
Like mine.

Once upon a time...
There was a girl
She was happy

Once upon a time...
She was an innocent child

Once upon a time...
She had never lied

Once upon a time...
She was alive

Once upon a time...
She grew up

Once upon a time...
She stopped smiling

Once upon a time...
She started lying

Once upon a time...
She stopped living

There's a reason they say
Once upon a time
And do you want know why
they say that?
It's because you can never go back
I can only be that girl once.
There will be no
Happily ever after
For me.
Hope Lee Aug 2019
We need to get away
From here
From our problems
From reality.

We'll fall down the rabbit hole
All it takes is one simple misstep
We'll run away to Wonderland
Away from our tears
And fears
come on
let's go
just you and me
Finally free.

The Mad Hatter will invite us for tea,
Tell us about things we have yet to see.
We'll meet the mouse and the March Hare
Act like we don't have a single care
Because everything is grand
Nothing is bland
When you go to Wonderland...

Come now
Take my hand
And we'll run away.
I wonder what the Cheshire Cat will say?
Will he grin his infamous grin?
Teach us the true meaning of madness?
Or will he simply vanish, forgetting his smile?

We ran away to Wonderland
to forget our worst nightmares
Quite like the Queen of Hearts,
She chops off heads,
Plays croquet,
Orders her army of playing cards
to chase us out of her kingdom.

Wonderland isn't our place.
But Darling do wipe those tears from your pretty face,

Reality can't be so bad,
Especially if we're both mad.
I was rereading Alice In Wonderland and got inspired so enjoy the outcome.
Hope Lee Jul 2019
Little girl so young and fresh
Little girl so innocent and pure
Little girl don't you cry
Little girl how dare you lie
Little girl remember you must be seen and not heard.
Little girl you can't mean those cruel words.
Little girl calm your screams.
Little girl why don't you speak your mind?
Little girl you're too young to be thinking like that.
Little girl speak up now
Little girl do you remember your youth?
Little girl was there ever a time when you felt good?
Little girl make sure you smile, nice and big.
Little girl there is no need for those tears trailing down your cheeks
Little girl hide how you feel now, don;t speak the truth
Little girl don't eat too much
Little girl make sure you wear so little
Little girl layer it on thick
Little girl be pretty and pink
Little girl have you lost yourself?
Little girl do you hate yourself?
Little girl are you thin enough?
Little girl hide away now
Little girl push us away now
Little girl hurts herself now
Little girl we will miss you now.

What happened to that sweet little girl?
Hope Lee Jul 2019
Yᴏᴜ look at me and you lie
You touch me and you lie
You speak to me and you lie

I cry and yet you lie
I beg and you still lie
I scream and all you can do is lie

Why, oh, why must you not try and justify?

Why just why can’t we glorify?

Why baby, why must we deny the truth of our pretty little lie?

— The End —