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Sidari Jan 2018
Howl at the moon like a beast
Let the inner wrath be released
Howl, growl, bark at the moon
Sense the fear of coming doom
Sidari Jan 2018
See me light up under a billion stars
I stand there though I've traveled far
The sky above me is immensely big
Though sometimes it seems unreal
Sidari Jan 2018
I walked through dark places, where only distant whispers were heard. Silent echoes of eternity coming from afar. Deep blue skies above lit by stars. Circles of ancient trees surrounded me below a hill. Leaves unmoving silent and still. Into a valley where green plains abide, further I went to a place  shadows hide. People came that I could hear. Didn't see me or know I was near
Then back to the valley I went. Morning came when night was at an end.
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