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Shalley Jun 16
A world that everyone wished for
A world where extraordinary things exist
A world where anyone is believed to be powerful
And it's the fantasy world

Fantasy, fantasy, fantasy
Yes, it's just a fantasy
Made by person with great imagination
And it's so sad to think that it's only an illusion

What can we do if we are living in this world
Where anyone is being bullied
Being discriminated
Being underestimated
Where anybody treat each other like animals

Yes, it is very complicated
But that's what reality is
That's the world we are living right now
Crimes are everywhere...
And technology manipulates people
That's the truth, and it hurts.

How I wish that Fantasy world exists
Where anyone can make impossible things possible
Where everything seems to be perfect and incredible
But then again, it's so sad to think
That Fantasy will never be Reality
Shalley Jun 15
Everytme I saw you
I always have this unfamiliar feeling
You're strange, you're not ordinary
But still, you look so simple and jazzy

You're peculiar, you're a savage
And I am just a fiasco, a mirage
You're nothing but a gentle rugged
You caught my attention, it's sabotage

— The End —