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Where the lake meets the quaint red roofs
Where the water is chill fresh despite intense July heat
Where cloud hangs as if tied atop mountain high
Is the imperious Lago di Garda  

As the Peler bounds relentless until it finds the Ora in fine fettle winning the day like the plume of a freshly boiled kettle

The windsurfers and kite surfers enter their domain only too willing to jump on the nature train

Take me there
Let my heart rule my head
Let it’s beauty win the day
Let Lago di Garda have the final say
I’m presently holidaying in Limone , Lake Garda and I thought I’d share my pen.
For context there are two winds . From the North the peler and from the South the Ora
Martyn Grindrod Jan 2021
I have been there
A paradisiacal spring
Abloom of my senses
Affaire du cœur

She wandered inside
tiptoeing her way
Striding even
inside my garden of eden

Just the once for a month or so
weightless inertia
took over our souls
but we were there

To replicate is impossible
Our waters they rippled
We got drunk at the inn of love
We got severely tippled

Martyn Grindrod
Martyn Grindrod Nov 2020
Splendid soldier you
I'm merely your descendant
barely fit to footstep follow
I'm discipled , My kindred hero

Foreign soils desperately dank
Churchillian's major tactical outflank
Death by bulleted blight
******* German bight

Evil eradication in Holland's nether land
Liberation free , Guaranteed
Twas his life he gave
Home to a war hero's grave

Death knell to heroic soldier blue
And maybe I'm a tad bitter 'tis true
My Blood lost his life to a gameplan
After all what's a medal without the man

Martyn Grindrod

In remembrance Sunday my tribute to my Grandad
William Fred Grindrod
20/12/1918 - 30/11/1944
Martyn Grindrod Apr 2020
Sing me joy
shrill bill o' yellow
'neath night sky red
tune my feathered cello

Liven that hawthorn tree
with it's yearly bloom
lift the melancholy
make happiness from gloom

The warbled delight
of a morning song
sing blackbird that tune
from dawn til dusk long

Martyn Grindrod
Doesn't everyone love a blackbird
Martyn Grindrod Feb 2020
Wife of mine
What see shine
gemstone glow
finger left four

A vows, a vow
spoken, set in stone
A promise unbroken
never needing atone

A milestone me and you
i can unequivocally say
a quarter of a century
not one less nor more a day

years five past
ten amore
fifteen adore
A score i beseech
Anniversary silver reach.

Martyn Grindrod
My 25th Wedding anniversary poem to ny wife.
Martyn Grindrod Feb 2020
The fondness I feel 
for her with the sweet disposition
enlivened a slumber inside of me
her serene voice of velvet twee

It called her name 
It shouted mountain high
It whispered meadow low
it wandered in on shrill wind blow

Up, down my valley's it blew 
Through peaks and troughs it knew
It sighed , It groaned on a grassy dew 
My fondness found sweet dispositioned you

Martyn Grindrod
Martyn Grindrod Jan 2020
Atop fathomed abyss
glides serenity
the river queen
a picturesque scene

under water surface
the furious pitter patter
to stay afloat
a feminine steam powered boat

This Protected bird
The mere's beauty absurd
Neck long insane
Nature's aquacrane

A swan to swan
curved apart
a beacon of love
an emblazoned heart

Martyn Grindrod
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